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Vitter, Jeff Landry, and Jindal Legislature's Politics Collide
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crouere-sabludowsky-punchingIn the second part of a Google Hangout which recorded Tuesday’s WGSO weekly interview with Bayoubuzz publisher Stephen Sabludowsky, radio talk show host, Crouere and Sabludowsky discussed the possible “Tea Party alliance” between Attorney General candidate Jeff Landry and Governor Candidate David Vitter; the various candidates who might be running for Governor; Gov. Jindal’s low ratings and the confluence of these issues with the upcoming Louisiana legislative session which begins in March.

 Crouere: We've had a new entry into a statewide race, Jeff Landry now running for Attorney

General. Seems like he's going to be running with the support of David Vitter. Looks like David Vitter's been tangling with Attorney General Buddy Caldwell over the whole issue of these EBT abuses that went on back in October of last year when 12,000 folks spent money they did not have in their account. And it seems like Vitter's been critical of the Attorney General with only six of these people being so far being prosecuted in some way. Now I get a press release from Jeff Landry saying he's running for Attorney General, five minutes later, "Here's support from David Vitter."

Sabludowsky: Yes, I actually wrote a column about it yesterday morning. And, basically, what I called it was "Are you ready for the Tea Party?" I think that David Vitter has a been very, very loyal Tea Party government official. I'm assuming he's a member of the Tea Party. I know he spoke a number of times, at least once, I should say, at your organization on the Northshore. He has certainly had a lot of open public meetings with the Tea Party around the state. I see this as an alliance with Vitter and Landry, and I think others will jump in, too.

Crouere: I'm not going to say the name, but I was talking to a friend yesterday who was telling me that his brother's wife is involved in education. And David Vitter is already reaching out to this lady to be part of his cabinet for education. And we're a year and a half away from the election, and he's already working on who's going to be part of his cabinet. So it sounds like he's pretty confident that he's going to win, and not only does he want to win, but he also wants to bring in other cabinet officials. He wants to make sure that he's got a legislature he can work with. Somebody said it well: David Vitter, if he's elected Governor, he'll be Bobby Jindal on steroids.

Sabludowsky: Yeah, I certainly don't think that he's going to be promising a position for support. I don't think he's that stupid, or stupid, for that matter. My question is, and I think the last time we talked, you had real questions as to whether or not there will be any competition other than John Bel Edwards, who's a Democrat whom nobody knows. Whether he's going to have any competition, meaning that John Kennedy won't run and Jay Dardenne won't run.

Crouere: That's the question. I think Dardenne can beat Vitter if you didn't have a Democrat in the race. I think if the Democrats had any brains...What I find interesting is that Republicans nationally are stupid, but the Democrats locally are stupid. And I think that if they wanted to really defeat Vitter, they would get behind Jay Dardenne. And I think that's the only vehicle that they have to possibly beat him. John Bel Edwards or whoever...he's not going to win, and Mitch Landrieu is not going to win. I don't think that Mitch Landrieu is going to run.

Sabludowsky: Yes, but a recent poll, again, the PPP poll, the same one that I cited early this morning, that had Jindal at 35% favorable, although Jindal says that his poll has him at 50%. No other poll has him even close to that except for his poll, but it [the PPP poll] basically has Vitter ahead everybody, including Landrieu, Dardenne. So I think Vitter is a force to be reckoned with at this point in time.

Crouere: I think the closest was Dardenne, though, if I'm not mistaken, with all the different potential challengers. And there was 30% undecided in that race when they did a matchup with Dardenne and Vitter. So we'll see. I think that Dardenne will probably still run, because now you have Billy Nungesser who has raised big money and he's running for Lieutenant Governor. So Dardenne is going to have to face a well-funded Billy Nungesser if he wants to run for Lieutenant Governor again or face David Vitter in the Governor's race. So it's going to be a tough race either way.

Sabludowsky: What I personally find very interesting here with Vitter running for Governor. In the past, he has been able to, I don't want to say control, but at least been able to have some persuasion over certain legislators against Bobby Jindal on certain issues. Now that he's running it's obviously going to be a lot more open, and he's going to be taking positions. Legislators who either believe the same as Vitter does or at least have a similar philosophy, they are going to be more open. I think we're going to see a lot of corralling going on, and it's not only going to be Jindal out there with his program, it's going to be Vitter and his program, and maybe to a lesser extent, it's going to be Dardenne, too. So here's a time when you have a lame duck, and Jindal says he's not a lame duck, but he's starting to quack. I certainly think that you're going to have a lot of people out there who are going to be playing some major roles during this legislative session.

Crouere: Alright, and I think it is an opportunity...

To be continuted tomorrow.

Here's a link to part 1 of the hangout: Jindal's White House Minimum Wage Slam

Jindal, Louisiana and New Orleans Money Woes
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