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White House Still Backs New Orleans Richmond Despite Cao's Campaign Claims
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Does the White House still support Cedric Richmond for the 2nd Congressional District seat?

On Tuesday, Republican Congressman Joseph Cao's press consultant, Cheron Brylski released this statement which she annonced as "Breaking News"

"The Washington Post has just broken a story that the DCCC is pulling out of 8 democratic house races. Of course the official party line will be that they think they've won in CD2 where corruption-plagued Cedric Richmond faces Republican Joseph Cao. But the truth is when DNC Chair Kaines was in NOLA over the weekend he was testing the waters to be sure all was okay, to see how far out there the White House should get and they apparently did NOT like what they learned. Obama insiders and former congressional candidates are saying the DNC ran Richmond's resume finally and were freaked out, not only by his problems but by purported problems of his key campaign aides, such as guru Ike Spears. Hence, DCCC is pulling the plug. And today, Assessor Erroll Williams, Councilwoman Stacy Head and other democrats declared their support for Cao, citing his honesty and record. Wonder if this will be discussed in this week's debates?"

However, in what appears to be an effort to trump Republican Congressman Cao's campaign's claim that Democrat Cedric Richmond is losing favor of the White House who had endorsed the Democrat's  campaign, Richmond released the following to Bayoubuzz:  

"Below you will find an email from Vice President Joe Biden, asking voters to support the Richmond campaign financially..  Rep. Richmond has enjoyed a strong showing of support from the Democratic Party. Most recently Gov. Tim Kaine, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), traveled to the Second District to campaign with Rep. Richmond.


Throughout the campaign, many Democratic leaders have lent their support by campaigning with Richmond in the Second District.  Rep. Chris Van Hollen, Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and House Majority Whip James Clyburn have already visited parts of New Orleans and Jefferson Parish with Rep. Richmond.  Next week House Democratic Majority Leader, Rep. Steny Hoyer will meet with Richmond supporters.


Richmond is also the only candidate for whom President Obama has recorded a television commercial in the general election.



Tanzie Jones
Media Relations Consultant


"A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go,

but ought to be."- Rosalynn Carter

 -----Original Message-----
From: Joe Biden
Sent: Thu, Oct 14, 2010 7:30 am
Subject: Right Now

Tanzie --

You can make a huge difference this November today. With the Election less than three weeks away, acting today will have a direct impact on Election Day.

The next 7 days are critical for our campaigns
to get out their positive message of progress and to fight back against a barrage of attack ads. With final ad buys being purchased now, Democratic candidate Cedric Richmond needs to raise $10,000 before tomorrow's deadline.

This means that we have to act now. We can't let a single one of these attacks go unanswered and we need every one of you in the game.

Every dollar you give goes right back out the door to help him fight back. Even a gift of just $5 could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Contribute $5, $10 or more before Midnight Tomorrow so that Cedric Richmond will have the rapid response funds he needs before the deadline for next week's ad buys.

Critical Ad Buy Deadline

President Obama and I need Cedric Richmond in Congress. He would be a great partner in the fight to create jobs here in America and give every one of our citizens a fair shot at the American dream.

Your gift will help him afford television and radio ads and other means to set the record straight against attacks and put out our positive message of progress. Even a gift of just $5 could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Contribute $5, $10 or more before Midnight Tomorrow so that Cedric Richmond will have the rapid response funds he needs before the deadline for next week's ad buys.

Cedric Richmond needs our help in these final critical weeks before Election Day. Every dollar you give will help him fight back so he can win this election and join our fight to keep America moving forward next year..

Thank you.

Joe Biden

P.S. The simple fact is this. Cedric Richmond needs to raise $10,000 before Midnight Tomorrow to have the ability to fight back.
Your gift of $5 could be the difference between victory and defeat. Please contribute today.

Contribute Now

Contributions and gifts to Richmond for Congress are not deductible for federal tax income purposes.

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