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Vitter gets Bush back, Medicaid Expansion bill; High Ed'ers high-road to Jindal
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vitter-teaDavid Vitter is calling on the big guns in his run for the Louisiana governor’s mansion. Today, he unveiled the support of former US President George H. W. Bush.

In a fundraising letter, Bush said, “It’s been many years since my business pursuits first brought me to Louisiana. As I worked with the hard-working people there, I came to have a quiet admiration for their values, their spirit, their grit and determination.
I felt the same way many years later after meeting David Vitter, and helping to see him elected to the United State Senate. I learned that David’s friendly, upbeat demeanor was matched by his firm convictions.”

Expansion Again
Undeterred from last year’s setback when the Louisiana legislature followed the sway of Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal, today, Senator Karen Carter Peterson (D-New Orleans) is taking up Medicaid expansion once again.

This time, however, Louisiana is facing major cuts in healthcare and other governmental services.

The legislation would enable Louisianians a chance at an up or down vote to expand Medicaid for thousands of hard working families. If approved by the Legislature, the question would appear on the fall statewide ballot.

“Medicaid Expansion is a win for our working families, for our business climate, for our economy, for our hospitals, and for our beleaguered state budget,” said Peterson. “The people of Louisiana deserve a chance to decide this critical issue themselves, in true democratic fashion."

According to the Louisiana Democratic Party, the Affordable Care Act is helping more than 148,000 Louisianians get health insurance, and the average monthly premium for Louisianians who enrolled at is $108, according to numbers released yesterday by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

“Unfortunately, Louisiana Republicans like David Vitter and Bill Cassidy are fighting to take away affordable coverage from nearly 150,000 hard-working Louisianians by repealing the Affordable Care Act. They want to put insurance companies back in charge, let them kick people off their coverage and prevent people with pre-existing conditions from getting affordable health care. In addition, Bobby Jindal is blocking coverage for more than 240,000 Louisianians by refusing federal Medicaid expansion dollars. We’ve already seen one hospital emergency room close because of Jindal’s political ambitions -- how many more will we see shutter this year?”

Of the 148,552 Louisianians who got covered as of Jan. 30, 89 percent received an “advance premium tax credit” to help with the cost of their premiums. Last year about 102,000 Louisianians enrolled at The deadline to enroll for health insurance in 2015 on is Sunday, Feb. 15.

For more on why Louisiana needs Medicaid Expansion, see here:

The bill, SB10, was pre-filed in the 2015 Legislative Regular Session that will commence in April.

Demos blast Vitter on homeland security
The democrats also have blasted the leading gubernatorial candidate and current US Senator, David Vitter on another issue:

SHOT: Vitter endorses Department of Homeland Security funding bill that would defund executive action on immigration.

“The House put several policy provisions in the spending bill, including those that I agree with like defunding this unconstitutional executive amnesty from December. I agree with that. I support that. I will certainly vote to support it.” [Youtube, 2/3/15]

CHASER: Vitter misses vote on DHS funding bill that would ban immigration order.

Cassidy voted for the funding bill, with the ban on funding for the president's executive order on immigration. Sen. David Vitter, R-La., missed the vote. [, 2/23/15]

Higher Ed highroads

Looking at the possible cuts of $500 million dollars to higher ed, the top university officials have penned a letter to Louisiana Governor bobby Jindal, talking about partnering with him and legislative leaders.

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