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With Obama's blessings, Democrats Biden time with Hillary Clinton as candidate
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Biden Obama 3Once again, Hillary Clinton has been exposed as a horrible presidential candidate. Back in 2008, the heavy favorite, Mrs. Clinton lost the Democratic presidential nomination to an upstart Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama. In this race, Clinton, once considered a lock for the nomination, is being seriously challenged by Vermont socialist Senator Bernie Sanders. 


Through two presidential campaigns, Clinton has been exposed as a horrible campaigner, a poor speaker who lacks empathy and charisma and a robotic politician who does not connect with voters. She refuses to address the media on a regular basis and on the rare occasions that tough questions are asked, she quickly retreats. 

Last week reporter Ed Henry of Fox News pressed Mrs. Clinton on the question about the possible inclusion of classified materials on her personal email server. He asked Clinton whether the server was wiped clean. In response, she tried to make a joke of it by asking, “Like with a cloth?” The joke fell flat, just like her entire campaign has fallen flat and has failed to ignite enthusiasm from voters. 

Bernie Sanders is older than Clinton, but he is showing more energy and is connecting with the grassroots voters in the Democratic Party. He has drawn huge crowds to campaign events, much larger than those who attend functions with Hillary Clinton. Nonetheless, he is a socialist and many Democratic Party leaders are uncomfortable going into the general election with such a radical at the head of their ticket. 

With their heavy favorite on the ropes and her closest competitor such a left winger, Democratic insiders are pushing Vice President Joe Biden into the race. It is clear he is giving it serious consideration. 

Last weekend, Biden met with Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, a prominent liberal activist and Democratic Party favorite. Yesterday, Biden had lunch with President Obama. According to CNN, Obama gave Biden his “blessing” to run for President. 

While Biden may be acceptable to party leaders, he is not an ideal candidate either. He is 72 years old and has already lost two presidential races. Throughout his political career and especially in his position as Vice President, Biden has shown that he is prone to making major gaffes and embarrassing statements. Not surprisingly, recent polls show him running a distant third in the race for the Democratic Party presidential nomination, even trailing Sanders by a significant margin.

Clearly, Biden has challenges to overcome if he enters the presidential race. However, at this point, it is desperation time for the Democrats and they need another major alternative to Clinton and Sanders. 

In fact, Clinton has been so damaged by the email scandal, that a new Rasmussen poll shows that 46% of Americans believe she should suspend her campaign to deal with the issue. Along with an ongoing FBI investigation into the email scandal, there will be upcoming congressional hearings on Clinton’s involvement in the Benghazi terrorist attack. In addition, there are the ongoing questions about Clinton’s fundraising activities involving her family foundation. 

Getting lost in the media coverage of her problems is the supposed rationale for Clinton to be elected as the first woman President in our country’s history. As with her husband, Clinton’s scandals are overwhelming her supposed accomplishments. 

All of this means more competition for Hillary Clinton and another possibility that she will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory once again. 

Jeff Crouere

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