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Angele Davis as Trump for State Treasurer to #MakeAmericaGreat Again Featured

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angelle trump 7So Donald Trump is running to be the next Treasurer of the great State of Louisiana?

It’s true. Well, actually, it's not.


Well, Angele Davis, the former Commissioner of Administration for Governor Bobby Jindal, and former top executive for former Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu, has morphed herself into none other than the #MakeAmericaGreatAgain man, Donald Trump, #MAGA. Davis apparently sees The Donald as her path forward to make the State Treasurer great again or at least, to win the seat of  the custodian of the state’s money bags.

Her ad at the top of the Google Searches for key words such as Donald Trump, presents this:

davis ad 7

Yep. Not “Angele Davis for Treasurer of Louisiana--Saving the State Money” nor “Angele Davis for Louisiana Treasurer, balancing the budget” type of ads.  In fact, the word “Louisiana” doesn’t even appear in the Google ad.

Davis’s ads, are also somewhat omnipresent on Facebook.  Here’s one:

davis vid ad 5

Obviously, “Louisiana” does not appear in this ad either.  But, don’t fret, she’s not wasting her campaign investment.  Only  potential Louisiana voters will see this video ad on this particular social media platform.  Instead, “Trump” is featured with the tag, “The Trump agenda is right for our nation”.

The attractive video advertisement features Davis  sitting in front of an exterior office window.  After introducing herself, she acknowledges that sometimes she doesn’t like the way that Donald Trump says things. 

Well, that’s a safe one, as even his most ardent admirers will publically admit the same without much blow-back.

Taking a cue from the Trump playbook, she then states, that the “liberal media attacks him unfairly” and “establishment politicians just don’t have his back”.

How any of this is relevant to the Office of Louisiana Treasurer is a mystery, however, the candidate then connects her campaign into the Trump agenda. The former Jindal state administrator let’s us know that “The Donald Trump agenda is right for the country and for the state, cut taxes on the middle class, reduce regulation on small business, rebuild our highways and infrastructure, create new jobs”.

While remaining seated, she closes out her 30-second spot by emphasizing, “It’s where President Trump stands, it’s where I stand”.

The promo and her message obviously is calculated to appeal to the very strong pro-Trump Louisiana voters with the intent to co-opt the President’s message.  While one might wonder what in the world does “establishment politicians, liberal media, middle class tax cuts, small business regulations have to do with the position of bonding state debt, unclaimed properties and the other enumerated duties of the position, obviously, that doesn’t matter.

Her strategy appears to be introducing herself to the Louisiana public in what is familiar and popular, thus, none other than, the most visible man in the world, President Trump.

Not all of her ads however are focused upon the man who also happens to be the most powerful man in the world.

From the perch of the State Treasury, she promises to defend the rights of the unborn.

davis unborn 7


Again,so what if the state treasurer’s position has zero to do with the rights of the unborn.  What’s important is that the voting public, most who have never heard of her or seen her face ever, can tie her to what they know and love.  She is the candidate who will protect Trump’s and the unborn’s back whenever the opportunity arises at the State Capitol when dealing with the state’s fisc, or not.

Very comforting, indeed.

Predictably, Trump also dominates her twitter feed with numerous references to his presidency and Making America Great.

davis trump twitter 3


One can assume, by cloaking herself in the President’s image, she will make her office but even moreso, Louisiana great too.

In fairness, Angelle Davis is not the only, nor the last candidate for public office to seize on popular slogans and red-white-and blue meat issues.  She surely won’t be the last.  Candidates have tried to associate themselves to what’s emotionally popular even before America became great, at least, the first time.

Candidates are also known try to pin the tail of the disliked upon their opponents too.  David Vitter ran against President Obama, twice, as did Bill Cassidy, as did just about every Republican candidate for office.  Congressman Cassidy ran against Obama, Obamcare, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid when he made mince meat out of the powerful Senior Democratic US Senator, Mary Landrieu. Two years ago, Rep John Bel Edwards let the world know that his opponent, Senate Vitter also had a running mate. That one was some unknown DC woman with his phone number and a ledger showing a call during a Congressional session.   

Vitter’s successor, now-Senator John Kennedy, ran on the campaign and then the future presidency of Donald Trump as he walloped his Republican competitors and then Democratic foe, Public Service Commissioner, Foster Campbell.

Surely, it makes sense for candidate Davis to follow Kennedy’s lead as she tries to fill his chair and who’s to blame a politician for trying to seize the moment?  Not me.

Doing so, comes at a risk, albeit here, perhaps a limited one.  Yes, there are some who are not so enthralled with the words and actions of the current White House occupant and might see her attempt to use the presisdent's persona and office as a cheesy political stunt. Others might want to know just where she stands on the issues, the Louisiana Treasurer issues, actually.

The former Jindal Administration commissioner and top Lt. Governor Landrieu aide is no outsider either.  She’s a long-time establishment state political appointee who owns some real bonafides and credentials.

Should somehow Trump flail in the polls here in Louisiana, she can compete with her solid record of achievements and knowledge of how state money works.

For now, that’s probably not necessary or relevant for today’s political persuasions. Those types of messages simply don’t do very well on the likes of TV, Facebook, Twitter and social media.

In fact, they are downright error messages in the key words world of Google Ads, to tell you the truth.


Discuss Angele Davis and Donald Trump below. Wise move for the candidate for Treasurer?



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