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Gumbo PAC's Ourso talks Super PACS prohibited communications, Vitter's fundraiser

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edwardsSuperPACs have become new players in American politics and it definitely had its role during the recent election for Louisiana Governor.


In part 3 of the Bayoubuzz interview with Gumbo PAC's Director Trey Ourso, the focus turned to the issue of prohibited co-ordinations and whether a strange incident that occurred when David Vitter had gotten into an auto accident while a passenger in the car driven by the fundraiser for the Super PAC and his campaign.  The issue--whether that was a campaign violation?

Below are summaries of the conversation.  You can click on the time from the Google Plus post and go directly to the relevant part of the conversation.

00:00 Regarding coordination of Super Pac's and campaigns, there cannot be coordination on the spending of money.  You can communicate but you cannot coordinate. Vitter raised tons of money for his PAC, he contributed a million-two million from his Senate campaign

00:38 It was pretty easy for Gumbo Pac, since it was an anti-David Vitter PAC, and so (Ourso) walled himself off from Jon Bel Edwards campaign, didn't communicate with his friends from the campaign, didn't communicate with the state party.  In primary, it wasn't so bad since the focus was to beat down Vitter, but in the runoff, it became very clear who they wanted to win.  We still did not communicate with them at all.  We cut off all communications.  Saw Jon Bel Edwards recently and that was first time spoke with Edwards since elections, so played it straight

01:58 The lawyers said not to communicate because it makes it a lot easier and safer.  Could talk to someone in the campaign about LSU football, hunting season, but did want to talk politics.  Candidates can raise money for the PAC but can't talk how, when PAC will spend money. Can't coordinate any means of expenditures.  A candidate could raise money for the PAC but could not tell the PAC how to spend, such as a commercial or subject of commercial.  

03:28 Regarding the day before the general election, when Vitter was involved in the auto accident a campaign and SuperPAC fundraiser, a lot of political insiders were worked up, but didn't dwell on it that much because she might have been fundraiser and it would have been permissible to talk fundraising for PAC and for campaign. That was a very bad day for Vitter and car wreck was least of it.  We were much more focused upon the Spygate--the spying at a coffee shop of Sheriff Newell Normand as we knew it would be a much bigger story and have a greater impact on the election.  People would have a time processing the information about the SuperPAC-campaign distinction, but they don't expect a US Senator to hire a private investigator to secretively record a sheriff--we knew that was going to be a big story.



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