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Clinton, Trump debate: Who won? The impact?

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penceWho won the Sunday debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton?

That is the big question being asked around the world and was asked Monday afternoon in a Bayoubuzz video discussion with Jim Brown and Bayoubuzz publisher Stephen Sabludowsky.

Here are a short summary and some of the actual comments. Watch the video for the actual discussion on this issue and other post-debate issues.

Brown: I thought it was a pretty neutral thing with Trump being a little bit more aggressive and probably holding his own he didn't lose anything, not sure how much he gained, but online, the consensus is that Clinton held her own and probably helped herself by three or four points. Trump really got after her and certainly fired up his base in terms of numbers. The polls didn't show any change--if you're for Trump for the first debate you're still for Trump the second debate. A poll at the University of Missouri that went to about 15 different colleges and put focus groups of college kids said Trump held his own about thirty-two percent that said they're for Trump before-and-after but Clinton picked up 3 or 4 points. The Trump bus situation didn't help him , the drop in his numbers might be attributed to what happened Friday and Saturday and the debate was kind of a standoff or Trump held his own the debate and Clinton gotta bump either from the bus or I think she's just about a bottom out in the debate she was not as aggressive. Obviously, you're in trouble when you're claiming your opponent ought to go to jail that's what the hollering in third world dictator countries. This whole debate as most the rest of the country this all comes down to what a middle-class primarily female voter in 4 or 5 key states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, possibly Florida, Nevada in North Carolina in 4-5 states. Also, the professional bettors definitely believe that Clinton is the favorite at this time.---

SABLUDOWSKY: I'm not a Trump supporter and believe and agree with the major publications who have endorsed, that he would be the worst candidate ever. I cannot imagine him in the area foreign policy, I think that he would destroy this country, destroy the world just out of his own personality and his anger. I was really annoyed quite frankly when he played the little stunt before the debate, was really low class. I have no problem with his doing the stunt separate from the debate but this basically was with the debate as he combined with twitter videos earlier Sunday. He then launches this surprise attack, that is political circus time, he is Barnum Bailey and deserves to be in the circus. There's a time and a place for everything and that is not the time or place. He did this because in response to his being outed by the AP (last Monday about statements he had previously made) which were very similar to Trump statements that came out Friday.  His campaign denied the AP claim, then "all the sudden it comes out on Friday that basically what he did was exactly or close to what AP was reporting". His apology was horrible, so if he's going to apologize--apologize show that you have some remorse but don't link your remorse with trying to lift yourself up by putting somebody else down within the context of the debate. He's just proving to everybody, he is a loser, and he's going to lose his presidential race and the people supporting him are going to blame others but they had nobody else to blame but themselves and Donald Trump.

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