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Republican Congressman Garret Graves says we must get Louisiana coast right, or else

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coast"So the (Louisiana) coast goes, so goes everything else".

Strong words from a second-term Congressman who is now the Chairman of the very important subcommittee on certain infrastructure and whose laws and implementations of policies will be critical, not just for Louisiana, but for every parish and every county in the United States.

Graves was recently appointed to be who this week, received the appointment to be the Chairman of House Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee on Water Resources and Environment. 

During my recent Facebook Live interview with Congressman Garret Graves, the Republican from Baton Rouge, made it clear that the coast is critical for the state.  

Graves further said that "we talk about investments in schools, and we talk about roads, and we talk about economic development, if we don't get the coast right, if we don't get our protection system and our resilience efforts right, everything is under water". 

The problem for Louisiana, and other communities in the country, the issue is not just the coast.  Louisiana and other states are suffering from very high flood insurance rates due to storms like Katrina and the recent flooding in other parts of Louisiana.  A fix to the flood insurance rates will lapse this year, which if it does not get corrected, could cause homes and businesses to suffer astronomical rates, making their properties unsellable and living in flood-prone areas, untenable.

Graves also believes the increase in insurance rates for those in Louisiana are due to the coastal erosion.  He said it is not because our homes and businesses have sunk but it is because the coast is moving towards us and to parts of the state which have never seen flooding.

The sub-committee chairman blames the federal government.

" The vulnerability that that we're experiencing is a result of federal government actions-- the Corps of Engineer actions on how they've managed the river over the last eighty-plus years, said Graves.  So it's an interesting quandary because here you have the federal government through the Flood Insurance Program jacking up our rates through the roof". 

Part 3 of the interview, tomorrow.  Please watch the video, above.



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