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Why is the Louisiana coast is so critical to America?

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coast la 1Why is the Louisiana coast so critical to the America?

This is essentially the first on-topic question I asked the Director of Communications of the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, Jimmy Fredrick, Thursday night during a Facebook Live discussion about “The Louisiana Coast, the Economic Impact and the Risk of Losing Revenue Sharing”.



Fredrick is passionate about the restoration and the protection of the Louisiana coast.  The organization of which he represents is an active participant in educating the public, the actual physical restoration of the wetlands and advocating the need to protect the coast from the ravages of destruction due to coastal erosion.

Below is the transcript of his short response.  

Well you know I think our Congressman, Congressman Garrett Graves said it best just yesterday when he was talking to vice president Mike Pence when he came to Baton Rouge and the question that was asked of him is why is the vice president coming to Baton Rouge of all places and Garrett said or Congressman Graves said it's because Louisiana, South Louisiana is the most important place in the country.  And that is not an overstatement when you think about all that Louisiana does, not just for us as Louisianians, but for the entire nation.

When you think of 50% of the refining capacity for our energy production comes through the state of Louisiana and 90% of all energy whether it's offshore or otherwise has some touch to Louisiana that's huge.

So and then that's not even talking about fisheries and and all the great things that we love to do and so many people love to do here at the sportsman's paradise, birds, I mean we can just go on and on about statistics, but quite frankly, when you think about South Louisiana--more than half of our population lives along the coast, when you think about the coastal zone being from the coast all the way up to just north of i-10 depending on with parish you're in-- so there is so many things that really are going on with the economy and our coastal master plan which is in its third iteration now is a true blueprint for us to be able to restore and rebuild our coast.

And then, you know, the fact that that our ports--sixty percent of the grain, that is exported from the United States goes through Louisiana and we have them it's hard to believe, we have the most tonnage of shipping in the entire Western Hemisphere, a lot of people think of all the folks in Long Beach California or even up north and in New York and New Jersey, but those ships come in full and they leave empty.  Our ships when they come in they're full to our ports and then they also leave full because of it's just such an awesome export and import opportunity for the state of Louisiana, for the country.

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