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While Louisiana worries, Jindal's a new man

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So, last week, we read that Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will be postponing his “official” decision whether or not to take the presidential plunge.   Although many of us believe the decision has been made many moons ago, we are told the decision and announcement will occur only after the current legislative session in early June.  


Apparently “Timmy Teepell, Jindal's chief political advisor, claims Jindal wants to focus on the final session of his term before he makes a decision about entering the race for president.  

While US Senator Ted Cruz has made the plunge into the presidential race and reportedly into Obamacare, and while others are beginning to consider their choices, Louisiana Gov. Jindal  instead is opting to build his team and generate campaign dough.   The fate and future of Louisiana is on the brink of financial collapse, but like Alfred E. Newman would say, “What,  Me worry”?

Who cares?  The Louisiana governor, Bobby Jindal, must attend to his personal make-over--to be a "new man", not the bumbling manager of fiscal affairs as he is known back home.

On Wednesday, we learned just how bad the health care crisis looms for the state. Louisiana is at a healthcare meltdown.  For one, the governor’s public-private hospital reform is for now, so uncertain and poorly funded, its future hemorrhages daily.

Meantime, the opening of the billion-dollar-plus University Hospital in New Orleans has been postponed because the cash well is dry.   The state’s healthcare industry is on the warpath. 

As reported yesterday by one New Orleans paper:

A large chunk of the health care budget relies on funding that isn't guaranteed.

The New Orleans hospital was expecting more money next year already. 

Health professionals complain about the payments for treating Medicaid patients now, and that might get worse.

House fiscal staff said the health budget will likely to lead to a mid-year shortfall. 

That’s just the state of healthcare.  It gets worse.

Louisiana higher education system, already crippled, could become bed-ridden for decades. Recently, the LSU system president said LSU’s Baton Rouge campus is looking at a possible 82 percent state budget cut.

You would think that with the proverbial sky falling, the already-lame-duck governor, who supposedly excels during natural disasters would be fastening the windows, locking the doors, and above all--making a plan to protect against that vicious fiscal storm heading our way.

He would, of course, if there was something in it for him.  But for now, there's only time for his makeover, to be a new man.

The national TV cameras and the important people for his own career are not in Louisiana. Plus, the news and the mess back home that he has made is simply too dismal to look at.

Yesterday, at the state capitol, while almost everyone spent valuable time crunching the numbers hoping to prevent disaster and chaos, the governor was exercising his vocational options, and more.

On the governor’s agenda was gym-ratting leg-toning  at a tony New York health club where he fielded media questions.  Of course, while  playing in The Big Apple,  a governor and future presidential hopeful needed to be fit.   After all, he had those important  campaign fundraising meetings and those frequent appearances at his favorite talk show, Fox News. 

While the governor pressed flesh with the wealthy donors, Louisiana reporters and others mused on twitter which would occur first—Jindal’s last day in office or the next mid-term budget crises, an annual ritual under his administration.

Not that anyone can expect the Jindal-Teepell team to slow down its torrid campaign pace anytime soon.  If anything, despite the claim that the governor wants to focus on the state, we all know he’s referring to the state of his campaign chest, not Louisiana.  Springtime, in New York, Washington DC, Iowa, New Hampshire and elsewhere,  is way too important for a campaign now really  starting to heat up.   Plus, who wants to spend time in the sweltering heat of the Louisiana Capitol, when the money-flow, the TV opportunities and the posh-New York health-clubs are beckoning for attention?

Obviously, despite some cries, we all know that Gov. Jindal is not going to resign which would be the decent thing to do. Instead, his focus has been to promote his future campaign by  building his finance team, and show that he is more about ideas than campaign money, as proof, his policy papers from his so-called think tank, America next.

As things currently stand, anyone who thinks that Bobby Jindal will put Louisiana first over his America Next campaigns and related PACS,  just doesn’t know the governor.

And, as of now, things are getting a lot worse before they will ever get any better.

For instance, a poll released today indicates that Louisiana voters likes those tax breaks the governor wants to reduce or eliminate--those that he now calls “corporate welfare”.   Unfortunately, the more they like them, the more difficult it will be for the legislators to fashion a compromise that could leave Louisiana’s healthcare and higher education standing--at least on one leg, rather than being completely dismembered.

And for some of us who would like him to take the high-road and  resign,  Jindal won’t.   Then, nor will he focus on the people’s work.  He will, however, show up to pick up his paycheck, answer a few media questions here and there, mislead the nation about his record, deceive the public about the impact of oil prices relative to the budget deficit--and then head off for the roadshow.

Yet, who knows, I could be wrong?

But, don’t bet on it.  This is his makeover time.  

It's time for Bobby Jindal to be a new-man.


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