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FBI texts, Russia Dossier, Release the Memo,Secret Society falling apart for Trump

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mueller gatePresident Donald Trump says the media is FAKE NEWS and not reporting on major news stories hurtful to Democrats, such as missing FBI text messages.  Some Republican leaders and Fox News Network promote the “Deep State” is also a “Secret Society” of FBI agents planning to destroy the Trump presidency.  One Republican Senator states FBI members are meeting off-site to conspire some type of Trump overthrow.  Devin Nunes, the duty-bound head of the House Intelligence Committee has created a memo which almost guarantees the destruction of the FBI and Robert Mueller.  They all claim the end is near, Mueller is about to go. 


“”Release the Memo” is the Trump and the Russian Bot battle cry.


Now, fast forward a few days: US Senator Ron Johnson admits the so-called Secret Society just might be a joke, which was obvious to many who read the tweet. Nor will the Senator tell Congress who his secret source is who alleges meetings off FBI campus. Nunes has been roundly criticized by the Republican and Trump-led Department of Justice, warning him, not to release the memo without allowing Justice and the FBI to first read it, since, after all, there just might be some mistakes and worst, revelations of highly-classified materials.  Nunes is told it would be “extraordinarily reckless” to do so.

And the text messages President Trump, his son and just about everybody on Fox News has been crowing about (excepting for Shephard Smith, that is)? They were indeed missing but it was not a conspiracy at all. One out of ten FBI phones were affected.

By the way. That Russian Dossier that the pro-Trumpers always want to slam? So far, Justice Department is stating there was nothing improper that they know about that is related to the Dossier.

Oh, my God!! What is a full-bred, card-carrying Trump uber alles going to say and do?

What is becoming very obvious is that the never-let-Trump-down gang in Washington DC, Fox News and elsewhere are grasping at everything to undermine the Congressional investigations and the Russian probe. Donald Trump whether he says he awaits and looks forward talking to Robert Mueller will be under scrutiny like never before. One wrong move, one little exaggeration which he does almost every time he speaks, it seems, takes on the quality of a lie. His allies are scared and they want to put a halt to the investigation any way they can—whatever the costs to their credibility’s.

Whatever it takes—even if it means creating conspiracy theories the size of Alex Jones. Whatever it takes--even if it means destroying our faith in American institutions, the FBI, the CIA, our election system and our media. Whatever it takes, even if the Trump-controlled Republican Party falls to a new low, promoting a Fake News Award contest without noting that its own state media, Fox News, might have great audience, but can't find the truth.

And, that’s saying a lot.

Below is a transcript from the CNN discussion on this issue. Jake Tapper and Tom Foreman report. (The narrative below is rough. For the most accurate account as there might be grammatical or spelling errors, would be to watch the short CNN video.

President Trump has been calling attention to text messages between two FBI officials of all involved in the Russiann investigation formerly involved in the Russiann investigation, and the fact that some of them many of them were missing here- here is last night talking to reporters before departing for switzerland.

0:00:15 TRUMP:  "I do worry when I'm looking at all of the things that you people don't report about that's what's happening. If you take a look, you know the five months worth of missing texts. That's alot of missing texts, and as I said yesterday, that's prime time

0:00:30 TAPPER: well now those texts have been recovered and republicans on capitol hill are are backtracking a bit on claims of a conspiracy at the FBI, justice department to undermine president Trump--CNN's Tom Foreman  is here to separate fact from fiction and Tom, this text referencing a secret society. It appears in context to be a joke.

0:00:48 FOREMAN: Yeah, it  kind look like a joke from the start, but I don't think these revelations are going to satisfy many of the president's defenders who all along just that. The only collusion here is between FBI agents trying to frame the president--claiming that he fixed the election with Russiann help

0:01:08 FOREMAN: Just after donald Trump won the election FBI agent, Lisa Page sent a text to agent Peter Strzok. "Are you even going to give out your calendars" Seem kind of depressing? Maybe it should just be the first meeting of the secret society. Critics of the Russian probe quickly pounced, they've long insisted the FBI is trying to take down the president, never mind that sources now tell cnn secret society referred to a gag that Strzok purchased for his fellow agents. Republicans insisted their investigations too, have pointed to to a clandestine destined plot.

0:01:43 SEN. JOHNSON: "We have informant this talking about any a group that were holding secret meetings off site

0:01:48 FOREMAN: that senator now admits it's a real possibility. the secret society message a joke, but others are pointing to the fact Strzok was booted from the Russiann investigation when his anti Trump messages were discovered--the democratic response to the republican upo

0:02:04 CHUCK SCHUMER" paranoia, delusion. Why?

0:02:08 FOREMAN: Another element that's fueled rampant speculation on the right--months of missing messages between those two agents from mid-December to mid-May

0:02:1 7REP. MATT GAETZ: Strzok and Page were texting each other more than a high school cheerleading squad, but somehow there's a five month black hole.

0:02:23 FOREMAN: The justice department said it was due to a technical issue affecting lots of agents and the missing messages now have been recovered but Republicans have seized on text between the two, including one they say, discussed, ways to fix the damage done by the Hillary Clinton email proof

0:02:41 GOP CHAIRWOMAN I think it needs to be investigated and it is going to be investigated.

0:02:44 NUNES: "Anything to do" (walking, being interviewed)

0:02:45And lastly, the Republican head of the house intelligence committee Devin Nunes is considering releasing a memo, alleging federal agents in the Russian probe of abused surveillance laws. The justice department says classified information may be in that memo and releasing it before the FBI even sees it could be "extraordinarily reckless", but driven the stakes, the controversy is likely to continue.

0:03:09 SEN. GRASSLEY: The american people deserve the truth

FOREMAN: This is all in how you look at it for the president's supporters. It adds up to further evidence of a so-called deep state plot to take down Trump by whatever necessary and for his critics, all the backlash just more distraction theme that derailing the Russian probe

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