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If the Coronavirus doesn't get US, the Trump-blame-game, will Featured

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President Donald Trump did not create the Coronavirus. He does not want it to spread. His administration has taken steps, to date, that has limited the breakout. 

Nor did Trump cause the stock market to nosedive this week.  There are many causes for what many are calling a correction that has nothing to do with Trump.

Nor, by the way, are the Chinese engaged in some type of wild-brained conspiracy to cause the US stock market to crash, ushering in a more socialist-friendly American government.


But if you were to read twitter, many of the Facebook posts, news reports, blogs and yacking on politics TV, you could not help to conclude that global warming is the least of our worries.  By the time all hell breaks loose with the Arctic melting, fires burning and oceans rising, there won’t be anybody on earth anyway.

Which means, we are all in this virus soup or boiling seas together.  While we are separated by borders, divided into different governments and speak different languages, our fate is dependent upon one another’s.  As much as some might want to put an end to globalism, it is way too late. Our economies are integrated. When China gets a cold, the United States sneezes.  And vice versa, by the way.

The notion that Democrats, China, the media want the virus to propagate, the stock market to collapse, the economy to fall is about as dangerous of a notion that I can imagine.  And brother, I have heard some really wild ones since June 2015.

Nobody wins if an economic Armageddon were to follow a health catastrophe. Nobody. That is what is so preposterous when I hear on cable and elsewhere that this somehow is a plot to get at Trump. You’ve heard it, I am sure. “They couldn’t get him on Russia, they lost on impeachment and so this is their next shot”.

Or, “they hate Trump so much that they are willing to burn down the economy to get him out of office”.

That type of talk is not just outrageous, not just illogical, it is almost inhumane.

Yet, that is exactly what is being pushed out of the White House, the Republican Party, Fox News and elsewhere.  Rush Limbaugh says it is true. So does Don Jr. And so do the other prime time talking heads.

And the falsehoods start at the very top. At his now-infamous press conference, Trump argued that Democrats should come together, work together.  Totally agree. But, then, in the next breath, Potus claimed that the Dems are using this for campaign purposes. Comically, he even blamed the Democratic candidates for causing the stock market to crash on Monday and Tuesday although the last debate occurred after the markets had closed roughly two-thousand points in the minus.

He and his ardents blast the Democrats for piling upon him, for criticizing him for everything, for calling him the worst names.  Yet, they somehow forget that Trump himself tweeted well over 70 times and retweeted many more occasions about Ebola. Not once did he give President Obama any credit for any effort. Not once did he do anything but use his Twitter megaphone to millions to get the political advantage for his potential presidential run.

The claim that the democrats and the media are using this for political advantage is simply ludicrous. The stock market is tubing not because of the Democrats or the media but because the uncertainty is so acute, investors are fast losing faith.  The world is integrated. When the markets all over go down, our country is severely impacted. We travel less, so do they. They buy less, so do we. Our markets are frozen because their funds are shriveled. That is the way the 21st-century world economy works.

While it is true that certain events, such as a president claiming there is nothing to fear only minutes before the worst Corona news erupts ( a woman contracts the virus who had no known contact with anybody known to be ill), those developments will impact the stock market one way or another. It would surely tell investors that the promotion of nothing to fear is worthless. It would tell us that we can’t trust what we hear from the person who is supposed to be in the know.

Now, quite, unfortunately, things are so upsetting, the administration does not want us to know the truth. They have shut down access to information. So, now not only are we in the dark for not believing what we are told, we are blinded from the truth by the administration itself.  Not a great way to damp down the fear.

Let’s face it. Things have gotten out of control, not because of the media, not the Dems, not the Chinese but because as a world, we are not prepared.  And pretending the bad news is not here or blaming the media for providing truthful updates, only creates more suspicion and anger.  Today, theWorld Health Organization raised the Corona Virus threat assessment to its highest level.  Is the media supposed to pretend that it did not happen? Is Trump going to blame the media and the Democrats for discussing it?  When the poor lady in California illness became known, which meant the possibility that the virus entered into unchartered waters, were we supposed to hush?  Is that the responsible thing to do?


The responsible thing to do is to allow the information to flow, not buck it up at the VP office. It should not stop there.

The responsible thing is for the president to not spin the facts. His claiming there are only 15 people with the disease when there is four times that number does not help. Claiming that the virus will soon be down to one while possibly knowing that with the California lady illness could blow the lid off the roof—that would be reckless.

So if and when the market does indeed crash again and again, if this week is a precursor to tomorrow, all of us need to know— any casting irrational blame upon the president for current conditions does no good.  Giving him credit when and where it is due is good for all of us. But, blaming others for criticizing the obvious is also good for us all, assuming we are mature enough to handle it.

Trump and others cannot expect things to change when they pounded the Obama administration 24/7 for some ebola matters out of his control.  There are times that no president, whether republican or democrat has dominion over fate. There are times when all we can do is minimize the risk and pray for the best.  

But we do have control over how we accept our own shortcomings, whether we are in the Oval Office or on Social media.

It is time for all of us to recognize them and to admit them. Corona is bad enough. We don’t need the hate virus to tear us to shreds


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