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Focus on Trump's stability as Bannon, Breitbart slam Afghanistan, globalism? Featured

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breitbarthead 3More and more, the discussion has turned to the stability of President Donald Trump.

The months of July and August have been horrendous so far for those supporting the Trump White House..  Top Trump staff such a Reince Priebus and now Steve Bannon have been canned. Sean Spicer was replaced by Mooch who certainly had no smooth sailing either.  Then, the emotional controversies related to the KKK and the Nazis blew up in Trump's face, leaving observers wondering if there is any sanity remaining.


The issue really began to rev up last week when Tennessee Republican US Senator Bob Coker, a Republican said “the president has not been able to demonstrate the stability” to be successful.  On Sunday, Trump critic, Democrat House of Rep. Adam Schiff said, "ury’s out on Trump’s mental stability"

On Sunday, the issue of Trump's personal stability took center stage on Reliable Sources.


Carl Bernstein, of Watergate fame, posed the issue as direct as anyone to date.  Here is a transcript of his comments.

STELTER: “Carl, is there a risk of an over-reaction from the press here? The Access Hollywood tape came out in October, a lot of journalists wrote off his chances and now he’s in the White House. Is there a risk of an overreaction this week?” 

BERNSTEIN: “Not if we are reporting and see that as our real function and not do opinion pieces as our primary functions. Look, there are many commentators who do opinion pieces — I’m talking about reporting. I’m going to look at a quote right here from one of these Republicans I talked to last week: ‘We have a fundamental problem that the president in the United States does not know right from wrong and is not stable.’ 

That’s the kind of thing we’re talking about here. But also: We keep hearing about these military leaders keeping the president from doing dangerous things. And I would say as somebody who spent 50 years as a reporter around Washington that this is an unprecedented situation, a dangerous situation such as we’ve never seen for an extended period of time; we had Nixon in the last days in the White House — yes, he was a bit unstable perhaps then, but understandably given the circumstances of him having to leave office. This is different. It’s ongoing. And I would say if we are dependent on the military leaders in this country, four or five of them, to protect us from the United States. Then that too is a story. And part of that story is: Is it time then for the president to be urged to leave the office by those in his party and perhaps those same military leaders who understand the dynamic at work here.

And there’s also the question of the people in the other White House, when do they become collaborators, as opposed, ah, particularly to what the president is advocating, collaborators rather than people who are simply trying to push him in a good direction— “

Tonight, the question of Trump's stability to govern might take a different route. Trump will be addressing the nation about his new Afghanistan policy, presumably reading from his teleprompter where generally he does little harm.  However, his former allies and now, likely his loyal opposition, Steve Bannon and Breitbart, are now taking issue directly with Trump's Afghan decision and those "globalists in the White House".

Trump apparantly is siding with the generals over the non-globalist philosophy of former Chief Strategist Bannon over Afghanistan.  It has been reported that Trump will be ramping up the military machine increasing the US presence by 3900 soldiers.

Should Breitbart and Bannon go directly at Trump's policies, one might wonder if the topic of Trump stability might get more notice and discussion. 


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