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cronkiteFake news!!

  But, is it accurate?  Fair?

Whether it fits or not, has news changed over the decades and again, if so, why?


Attacks against Donald Trump, fake news or legitimate coverage? Discuss below.


This was the general topic discussed yesterday during a Bayoubuzz Facebook Live among former anchorman and author Honeycutt, former statewide official and now columnist and publisher Jim Brown along with Bayoubuzz’s publisher Stephen Sabludowsky.

Honeycutt, who is the biographer of the book Edwin Edward (and other books), started his media career with KNOE in 1976 has covered the White House, Edwards and many topics and subjects.  Brown, is a national radio talk show host and columnist and has been the subject of many news stories during his career.

Below are some of the excerpts from the beginning of the Facebook Live discussion dealing with Trump, the media bias, fairness and accuracy from a historical perspective, from Nixon, Edwards and current journalistic practices.


“I after having been in the media for 30 years and having been a reporter for all those years and loved pretty much every minute of it. I still have to go back and defend some of my colleagues in that I really don't believe, especially when I started 30 years 35 years ago, now almost 40, that that people really wanted to go out of their way to have some kind of bias.  Now has that changed over time? I think there are some news outlets, for sure, out there who appeal to a certain demographic and they're looking for an audience out there, a polarized audience, either to the left or to the right and they appeal to those.  And so consequently you do have producers and news organizations and directors and even news directors now that are saying we want you to have an opinion we want you to post a story that's going to be either for the left or either to the right…..”

BROWN:  Leo, let's say this- don't you think that if you go back to the 80s and the 90s that although there are certainly opinions that were expressed, they seem to be restricted more to the opinion page.   The writer, the reporter who covered a speech, who covered an event, seemed a little bit more objective in terms of laying out the facts and then the opinions were fought off on the opinion page.  The newspaper, for now as you say, you see the opinions creeping into the stories themselves.   Now people throw up Fox news all the time that's very individual opinions but when you see the newspaper stories I've seen much more of a slant both in conservative and liberal newspapers that are where the opinions are worked into the stories.

SABLUDOWSKY:  You have the advent of two major types of technologies into the mix-- number one is you have cable news, and secondly you have the Internet. and so with the cable news--it is news, but it's more conversation.  I mean it's more Larry King.  I mean like for example when we had Clinton trial or the Lewinsky Clinton situation-- every night that's what I would watch.  I would watch it on Geraldo.  I think he was working for CNN at the time. Same thing, OJ, cable and so that's..  that is not Walter Cronkite type of news....

Watch the entire segment above

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