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Twitter: Donald Trump News Today: DACA, Houston, Comey, Pence Featured

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amaroso kellyDonald Trump and tropical storm Harvey, Comey, DACA, Moroso, Tucker Carlson—some of the real issues on twitter today, September 2.  Watch the short video below for more information.

One tweet claims that Donald Trump is the world’s biggest hypocrite—since in the Art of the Deal, the tweet says, Trump states, “Being an atheist gives me an edge and every deal Christians are too moral for business”.


Kim Kardashian used her four-year-old daughter to insult Donald Trump.  How disgusting.

One twitter poster wants to know why “these anti-trump protesters have absolutely no clue as to why they are protesting, dumb”.

What did Pence know regarding the Comey firing?  According to a tweet, Mr. Trump ordered Mr. Stephen Miller to draft a letter and “dictated his unfettered thoughts several people who saw Mr. Miller's multi-page draft described it as a screed”.

The US chamber commerce admits it stands against President Trump's immigration of DACA.

One heckler heckles  CNN while reporter is on air.

Should DACA decision be by executive order or by Congress?  Paul Ryan asked Trump not to use executive order against DACA “because this is something that Congress has a fix”.

John Kelly's pushing out Amorosa for triggering Trump—Amoroso, who is who old friend who appeared on his TV show, has been pushing information to Donald Trump that John Kelly is not happy abou.

Discuss below: Donald Trump News Today: DACA, Houston, Comey, Pence, on Twitter

Enimen expletive riddle chant against Donald Trump, how gross!

Donald Trump and his wife are on thier way to meet flood victims in Texas and Louisiana

And, finally, Tucker Carlson of Fox says “do you know what the Never Trumpers on Capitol Hill fear the most? It’s not Isis, It's not 5,000 drop in the Dow-- it's a successful trump presidency

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