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Dotard Donald Trump against Kim, NFL, NBA and Hollywood, coming together yet? Featured

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trumpertensionIs Donald going dotard or self-destructive?

Donald Trump against the nutty dictators, John McCain and the world has now become Donald Trump vs. nutty dictators, John McCain, the world plus now--the NFL and the NBA along, of course, with Hollywood?.

A few weeks ago, Trump and supporters were demanding apologies for an ESPN personality using her own twitter feed, calling him a White Supremacist and demanding that sports and politics not mix. Last night, Donald Trump went after athletes for disrespecting the National Anthem.

I for one join him in his disgust over athletes taking a knee when we are honoring the nation’s symbolic institution.  There are other ways to show their disgust with the nation’s leader or the leader’s actions or the behaviors of others in the country that do not insult those who died for our country.

But, they died for the very protections, the freedoms that these athletes are exercising by their outrageous acts.

Nonetheless, it is absurd and hypocritical for the President of the United States to publicly denounce Hollywood and Athletes for engaging in politics while doing so on the campaign trail. 

Donald Trump News Today

So, where are we today with Trump’s statements and today’s tweets?

The President is not only in an insult war with the North Korea dictator, he’s in the cross-flames of Stephen Curry, LeBron James, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Chris Paul and I’m sure the number will grow.

He is being praised by his loyalists for saying what’s on his mind, regardless how offensive, yet, he is denouncing others for saying or legally doing what’s on their minds, regardless how offensive.

Does this country need this type of cultural war that Trump appears to be promoting in his ra-ra’s in Alabama or Phoenix in front of his angry fans?

No. At a time where the nation needs better healthcare, better economy, recovery from hurricanes and protection against a rogue nation going nuclear, there is no reason for our nuking ourselves from within.

The President of the United States need to be above all of it, not leading it.


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