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WATCH: Trump, Letterman ok flag burning is "standing for freedom of expression" Featured

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trump lettermanEver since Friday night's Alabama speech, Donald Trump has had plenty to say about the American Flag, the National Anthem and the NFL disrespecting those great American symbols.

In fact, as of this writing, he has tweeted or retweeted about the issue 19 times. During that same period, not a single tweet about the likes of Puerto Rico which is an American territory and whose citizens are American citizens.

 Nor has he tweeted much about his healthcare law which has just picked up its third "no vote" with Susan Collins of Maine stating she won't support Graham Cassidy. Should votes stay as they are, repeal of Obamacare is likely dead, once again.


But, the NFL players protesting, the owners--he's he has wrapped himself around the American flag and dissed others who see quiet protest during the National Anthem at a football game as legitimate free speech, 

I agree that there is a time and a place to protest.  Doing so while the National Anthem is playing is not the best way to get out your message.  After all, some who might be supportive of the overall cause, simply cannot stand the idea of denigrating the anthem or any American symbol.  To me, disrespecting the Anthem is as bad as burning the American flag. 

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Yes, burning it.  Something that Donald Trump didn't seem to be too much against in January 2015, months before becoming candidate Donald Trump.

He appeard on David Letterman at that time and the issue came up in context of the terrorist activities taking place around the globe. As per ABC and the Washington Post:

Here’s the example I’m always proud of as an American,” Letterman countered. “People, to demonstrate, they think, ‘We’re really going to stick it the United States. We’re going to set fire to the flag.’”

“Yeah, right,” Trump responded.

“And people get — ‘Oh, my God!’ ” Letterman said. “Well, no. If that’s how you feel, go ahead and burn the flag. Because this country is far greater than that symbol, and that symbol is standing for freedom of expression.”

“Sure. You’re 100 percent right,” Trump said, adding, “I understand where you’re coming from. It’s terrific.”

So, Trump, after hearing Letterman promote the concept that the country is far greater than that symbol and, that the symbol "IS STANDING FOR FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION", said Letterman was 100 percent right.

Now, based upon Trump's repeated statements and tweets, protest of this type is 100 percent wrong.

Donald Trump has called NFL athletes SOB's and said they should be fired for taking a knee.  While arguably, he is against them protesting while at work, the underlying complaint he is expressing is the damage to America being inflicted by these atheles for disrespecting the great American symbols, whether being done at work, or not. 

In fact, he has gone so far to call for a boycott of the NFL if they don't crack down upon the athletes--even if they are standing up 100 percent for their freedom of expression.

Now Trump has a different viewpoint and has 0 percent tolerance for those very principles he once held as his own. .

Here are just some of his recent tweets:

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