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Las Vegas, Gun Control, Trump, Congress: NRA: Maybe This Time? Featured

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maybe this timeRemember that Liz Minelli powerful song in Cabaret when she sang, with the lights glowing behind her on stage, "Maybe This Time".

That emotional appeal suggesting that the world can suddenly come to a spinning change, whether it be luck, fortune or simply new facts.


 Democrats, Liberals, Gun control, Media: Maybe this Time?

On one side, Democrats, Liberals, Gun control proponents, once again, right at the moment of a horrific tragedy, are tuning up loud and stridently, on social media--Maybe this Time.

Conservatives, NRA, probably President Trump, Republicans, gun proponents are just as dug in responding with "Not this time, No way, Never"

Not time to discuss gun control

The President's Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders insists that discussing gun violence now is bad manners, it just is insensitive, the bodies are still stained with blood.  However, when a US Congressman was shot during one of the last acts of terror, the conservative mantra as soon as the shooting was announced went-- the democrats are violent.  the liberal media has gone insane. They shot Scalise.

Will the siren song change, this time, now that over 500 people were injured and scores killed in the bloodiest terror attack in US history, that is, if one has the right to call it terrorism.

Above all the noise, the screaming, the singing--can anything be done to stop any of these types of man-made national disasters? Would Gun Control work? if so, how? Would the 2nd Amendment be viscerated?

Time will tell.  But, will it be this time?





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