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Mueller's looming Russia probe indictments front and center at Donald Trump's White House

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trump whitehouse muellerAs the White House waits to see which, and how many of its present or former, employees made Robert Mueller’s indictment roll, consider Mueller’s end game. It isn’t Trump, per se, though many would hope otherwise. It’s Russia. The FBI, which Mueller once headed, has always been at the forefront of combatting communism in America.


Edgar Hoover wrote me a letter, years ago, in which he excoriated “Godless, atheistic, communism.” To Hoover, the battle was about more than dueling political ideologies. It was a battle for the soul of the country, the faith of our fathers, and the freedom to sing “God Bless America” without a bayonet in the face. For Hoover, and religious leaders of the time, there was nothing coy about the USSR, or its desire to bury us, as Nikita Khrushchev once promised to do. It was about the suppression of religion, the free exercise of which caused Soviet leaders to leave millions of martyrs across Europe where entire populations once cringed under the hammer and sickle.

Though more urbane, modern Russian leadership has trespassed on our most sacred institution, the free election of a leader. Without debating if Russia’s help swayed voters garnered through fake news on the Internet, and elsewhere, its fingerprints are all over the last election. Their chief prosecutor even sent a lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, to tempt Donald Trump Jr. with an offer of Kremlin help to defeat the Mother of All Dragons, and Russian foe, Hillary Clinton.

The Trump connections to Russia weren’t just a meeting with Don Jr., picked for an overture, perhaps, because he appeared to be the most corruptibly naive. The red thread runs all over the place, even to the President, himself, who wanted to build in Moscow. Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager, did business with Russians and banks in Cyprus with Russian ties. Ret. Lt. General Michael Flynn, the former National Security Advisor, gave an in-service briefing to the GRU, formerly the KGB, just before he sat down for dinner with Vladimir Putin at an RT News banquet. RT has been identified as a fake news provocateur.

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Then, there’s Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who tried to set up a secret back channel to Russian President Vladimir Putin using facilities at the Russian Embassy in Washington D.C. Kushner, also, courted Russian investment in his high-rise building at 666 Madison Avenue in New York. Living up to its address, the building has been cursed with financial woes and is in constant need of cash infusions, from anywhere, and anyone. Kushner wasn’t particular.

Mueller, already, informed Manafort he’s going to be indicted. Flynn, too, is walking the plank, not least because he worked for Turkey when he was employed in the White House. Mueller is aware that the press is baiting Trump into firing him. A counter-punch would be to reach so deep into the President’s inner circle that any attempt to fire him would be untenable. That says Kushner. Mueller, like Hoover, more likely than not, views his work as a labor against a Godless, persistent, and relentless foe of America. He won’t be dissuaded until its roots are ripped out, wherever they may lead. For this, he deserves our thanks.


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