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Donald Trump team trashes Manafort, Gates indictment, oops Papadopoulos Featured

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trump manafort indictments 4As expected the Donald J. Trump troupe, including the President himself, have been on record, particularly on twitter.  The Russia investigation now headed by former FBI Director Mueller is over. The Indictments have been filed and presented and everybody can relax and go home.

As per Trump’s tweetsters, the indictment of Paul Manfort and Rick Gates


Donald J. Trump

 ....Also, there is NO COLLUSION!

Donald J. Trump® Sorry, but this is years ago, before Paul Manafort was part of the Trump

campaign. But why aren't Crooked Hillary & the Dems the focus?????

Brit Hume

Here’s the Manafort indictment. Charges appear to predate Trump campaign, which is never mentioned in it.

Jack Posobiec

In before Paul Manafort flips and gives up everything he knows about the Podestas, Clintons, and Uranium One

Eric Trump

And here is part of an Eric Trump fundraiser request circulating throughout twitter


There’s new opposition against my father and this Administration every day. The mainstream media continues to play politics, creating division and turning the American people

But as a loyal supporter of our movement, I know you know the truth.

My father has spoken out time and time again against those who have tried to bring this country down, and will always do so to protect hardworking Americans whose values have been forgotten by Washington.

To stand with us, please consider making a crucial end-of-month contribution before the deadline tomorrow:

Donald Trump News Today

Chuck Woolery 

Did you hear that? The Dinner Bell for the Left. Manafort and someone named Rick Gates charged by Mueller.

Ken Jones @sxdoc VIoneyLaundering Against Manafort Only 1st to be done; Obama and DNC next? :usionGPS bank records will tell

Geraldo Rivera© @GeraldoRivera

By indicting @PaulManafort -as I predicted- #SpecialProsecutorMueller took down someone whose corruption predates time w @realDonaldTrump

Kayleigh McEnany @kayleighmcenany Democrats woke up today w/ dashed dreams. 9-month pursuit of collusion found precisely nothing. No mention of Trump, White House, collusion!


Not so fast, later this morning, according to various news sources, a Russia-Trump connection


George Papadopolous, Trump’s ex-foreign policy adviser pleads guilty--admits lying to FBI in Russia probe—screams across the CNN screen.

“A foreign policy adviser on President Donald Trump’s campaign made repeated efforts to arrange meetings with contacts he had in Russia, the Washington Post reported Monday.

The Post reported that in at least half a dozen email requests sent between March and September 2016, adviser George Papadopoulos urged Trump or senior members of his campaign to meet with Russian officials. Some of those emails were read to the newspaper by a person with access to them.

In one, Papadopoulos offered to arrange "a meeting between us and the Russian leadership to discuss US-Russia ties under President Trump,’’ as quoted by the Post.

So, can we go home, close down the probe and call it a day?

Far from. You can bet that the conspiracy allegation against Manafort-Gates indictment for actions that allegedly occurred through the campaign and in terms of Gates, possibly through the administration, this omnibus clause guarantees, this is far from over.  Also, apparently, Mueller was under the gun to file the tax-related claims due to the statute of limitations. 

Here’s my point—this is far from over. This is a beginning. The more that Donald Trump and others keep claiming this is a “nothing burger”, the more they will look foolish should the next indictment goes public.

More to come, you can bet on it

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