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You don't mess around with Clinton's--Donna Brazile hidden message? Featured

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You don't mess around with the Clinton's.

Which just might be what some might be thinking as Donna Brazile discusses her new and quite controversial book about the disruptive 2016 Presidential election in which Donald Trump beat all odds and the Democratic institution led by none other than Hillary and Team Clinton.


The loyal Democrat, who headed the National Democratic Committee twice, who chaired the Al Gore campaign to near-victory, appears now to be on the outside, looking in.

And, she and others might be recalling that popular Jim Croce song, about messing around with Jim.

"You don't tug on superman's cape 

You don't spit into the wind 
You don't pull the mask off that old lone ranger 
And you don't mess around with..."

Well, you know,...

Which to me is the subtext underneath Tuesday's conversation between Brazile and Radio talk show host, Jeff Crouere of WGSO Radio.

No doubt, Brazile is frustrated by developments arising from the almost comedic election episode at the DNC and the resulting loss to the bombastic and quixotic Trump. Just read part one of Crouere's interview  click here and then the narrative below.

Part 2 of the interview raises numerous questions, such as:

Can the Democrats come together after a divisive 2916 Presidential campaign?  Are the Clinton’s and friends upset at her recent controversial book?  What are Brazile's concerns relating to Russia? What is really frustrating Brazile? 

Trust me, the text narrative does not do the interview justice. You must listen to it to get the true emotion, the true frustration and some might say, the fear.


The narrative ends at the 5:30 mark on the video. You will want to listen to the balance of the interview. Simply, move the time slider to that mark.

CROUERE: And of course now you've got a party that is sort of split wouldn't you say? I mean are you worried about the Democratic Party coming together in the future because you have the Clinton and Sanders people seem to be at odds right now?

BRAZILE: Well you know what there's a unity Commission that Chairman Perez has organized which is comprised of both Sanders as well as Clinton people, I think the party is coming together, we saw the results on Tuesday November 7 when Democrats really outperformed the traditional credit model when people don't show up.  So I think you know the healing has started. We have great candidates who are going to run next year in 2018 and I think that even in Alabama we're going to keep good results on December 12. 

CROUERE: Now are the Clinton folks mad at you for exposing all this?  Have you been treated poorly by Hillary or Bill or their supporters? 

BRAZILE: Well, let me just say this, I have a lot of friends not just in the Democratic party but regular Americans-- Republicans and all, people throw shade when they disagree with you, but that doesn't mean that I need to go out and throw shade at them.  I want us to be a stronger country, a more prosperous country and and clearly I want our democracy.  You and I both care about politics.  


BRAZILE: And the only way to have a campaign is to have a fair fight.  I think in 2018, what was unfair that we had foreign government in our election.  I would hope that Donald Trump--I wrote a column a couple ago about civility.  I would hope that President Trump would really acknowledge what happened and help us clean up our democracy before next year.

CROUERE: But Donna Brazile, don't you think there was also a problem with Hillary strategy?  I mean, she didn't even campaign in the state, like Wisconsin?  I mean that that's not a good move, right?  I mean you sort of cede some of these Rust Belt states to Donald Trump and he won states that Republicans hadn't been competitive in in a long time?

BRAZILE: There's no question that the Trump campaign with Donald Trump campaigning non-stop in the closing weeks of the campaign, it became a tight race.  And while many in the Clinton campaign thought that they had the Electoral College locked and, you know, locked and loaded, in terms of 242 electoral votes which included the District of Columbia, what they didn't understand is that Donald Trump figured out how to pick the lock.  He picked the lock in Rust Belt states.  And like I said, I was saying for months, he's going to crack the wall, if we don't put resources in

CROUERE: But, they didn't listen to you, did they? I mean, Donna, they didn't listen

BRAZILE: That's the frustration. That's the frustration. That's the frustration in my book, That's the frustration I still have.  Because I think, I was I was hearing from the people.


BRAZILE: Jeff, you know me, I was traveling, I wasn't sitting in some


BRAZILE: Big office in Washington DC. I was actually on the ground. I was on the streets. And people kept saying, where are posters?  Where are your yard signs?  Where are the tools we need to get out the vote?  Well I would go into Pennsylvania, I would see for every one Hillary sign,  at least ten Donald Trump signs.  And that's a sign that there's some activity going on and maybe people thought, that maybe Donald Trump was just tweeting--no he had a ground operation, and we need to figure out how to match that in 2020, otherwise Donald Trump is going to be President 

CROUERE: Donna,  here's what I saw and maybe you saw this or didn't--I saw a lot of enthusiasm among Trump supporters, I saw them among Bernie supporters, I didn't see a lot of it among Hillary supporters

BRAZILE: Well, 2016 will go down in history as the most disruptive political campaign and at least modern history, you had two, what I call anti-establishment candidates--Bernie on the Left and Donald Trump on the right.  They attacked the establishment of both political parties and as a result there was a lot of energy, because there's a lot of energy right now for anti Washington DC politics.  The American people are tired of DC politics


BRAZILE: They want to bring about a different kind of politics and so I like to tell people Bernie ran a grass roots, traditional old-fashioned campaign and and the Clinton campaign with all of his bells and whistles and technology, didn't do so.  Although she received more votes, let's be honest,


Than both of those gentlemen, it wasn't a kind of campaign that excited a lot of people, but again, excitement, yes, but not the kind of passion you need to turn out more voters.

CROUERE: And I heard you on an interview and I think it was a very good point --you come from sort of the old school of politics, believe in grassroots, knocking on doors, doing the old-fashioned things of getting out the vote--the news school believes in technology--and you can't just rely completely on technology, you need to marry both of the, the old school with the new methods

BRAZILE: If you have both the old and the new, you come out with something that is, what--fantastic that's something that's historic, something that gives you what Barack Obama had in 2008.  Magic.  It was a magical campaign.  I call 2008 one of the most organic political seasons I've ever experienced in my life--why, because wherever I went, people say to me--Donna this is excitement, they made their own yard signs.  They had posters.  People had energy. They were convening conversations in their homes to talk about Barack Obama and remember Barack Obama was also on an anti-establishment... 


BRAZILE:...candidate he ran against the establishment, the Clintons and guess what? He won.  They should have figured out that you've gotta have that kind of organic campaign.  When people there are too close to Wall Street or too close to Washington DC, you know what happens?  You fall by the wayside and that's what happened

  If I were Donna Brazile I would (1) not go for a walk in Fort Marcy Park (remember Vince Foster); (2) not travel on airplanes (remember Ron Brown); (3) not travel to Arkansas (she might contract a case of Arkancide); and (4) remove firearms from the home (she might decide to shoot herself TWICE in the back of the head). (Remember: There is a price to pay for crossing the Clintons.)  

Bayoubuzz Note: Whether justified, accurate, absurd or just conspiratorial, above is a comment under part I of the video on Youtube which worth noting, whether factual or not::

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