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Can Trump, or any President be charged with Obstruction of Justice?

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nixon bestCan the President of the United States and particularly in this case, Donald J. Trump, be charged and therefore found guilty of obstruction of justice?

This is, perhaps the ultimate question, in trying to find wrongdoing on the part of the Commander and Chief.  That issue recently has also gone into more strict scrutiny since it has been reported that the Trump legal team is raising this very question as a defense, as the Mueller probe continues. Last week, Michael Flynn pleaded guilty representing the fact he was working with the Special Counsel in the Russian investigation.

Obviously, Team Trump attorneys claim that no president can be brought to justice via the courts for obstruction of justice since the President, himself, heads the organization and can do whatever he wants to operate the office.

As this topic continues to be discussed in social media, in mainstream media and elsewhere, today, Leo Honeycutt and Jim Brown discussed it during part of a Facebook Live interview with Stephen Sabludowsky, publisher of

In this short video segment, Honeycutt focused upon the historical parallels of President Rich Nixon. Honeycutt, a former newscaster and author (including the authorized Biography of Edwin Edwards), said “Look at Richard Nixon” who he said was brought to bear only after the Supreme Court finally said, “you have to turn over the tapes”. 

Honeycutt, doing a voice impression of the former President said, “Do you know who you’re talking to? You’re talking to the President of the United States”, in responding to his attorney telling him that he either resign or he will be impeached.

The author said that Nixon’s attorney responded to Nixon’s inquiry by stating, “not for long”.

Jim Brown, an attorney, however, felt that the ultimate jury, should it get that far would not be a court to determine the legality or illegality of the President but, the Congress.  Brown believes that Trump can make a good argument that he cannot be charged with obstruction since, “He’s ahead of the judicial process so he can obstruct, he appointed the department head”. Brown. like Honeycutt noted that Trump was impeached, not judged by the judicial system.

Brown said he believes that in the worse case, in order for the President to be charged and found guilty of obstruction of justice, the case would go to Congress, like it did with Nixon.

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