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McConnell vs. Bannon--Uncivil War erupts for Republican Party control

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REPUBBANNON MITCHWelcome to the Jeff Crouere YouTube channel.  I'm Jeff Crouere. 

There is a war going on in the Republican Party.  The establishment is led by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell--those who have been denizens of the swamp for decades.  

The insurgent wing is led by Steve Bannon.  He's the head of Breitbart.  He was a former White House adviser. Now he's unleashed, he's on his own, and he's trying to raise money and support for populist nationalist candidates they're gonna represent the grassroots and not the beltway.  And you know who's upset about it? Mitch McConnell and all of the swamp creatures up in Washington.  

Here's  a problem--they've been up there for decades and they've gotten nothing done.  All they have done is grown government, grown the debt, increase taxes--they haven't followed through on any of their promises that they made to the Republican voters, to people that put them in the office.  So it's time to get rid of them--and one senator has actually been defeated and that is Senator Luther strange of Alabama, a populist beat'em in the primary--Judge Roy Moore supported by Steve Bannon and a lot of real conservatives.  Next year, there's going to be eight Republicans up for reelection in the midterm elections and all of those that are establishment Republicans need to be defeated and Steve Bannon is trying to raise support and money to make that happen.  We need to support what he's doing--because all of those RINOs need to go. 

Mitch McConnell a Senate Majority Leader needs to go.  Their track record over the first year has been abysmal.  They ran for seven years on repealing and replacing Obamacare and they didn't do it.  They certainly are having a hard time getting tax cuts done.  They're not cutting government.  They're not following through and the promises that they made to the American people. They're not getting the president's appointments in, confirmed.  They're not getting all of his judicial appointments confirmed. So they've done a horrible job and it's time that we bring in some fresh blood, some real conservatives, some grassroots Republicans are going to represent that the people sent them up there, not the Beltway, not the special interests and not the lobbyists. 

So next year is a time for real change and to bring some walk to Washington some people they're gonna really support president Donald Trump.  And hopefully, in 2018 we'll see some real progress in the United States Senate. 

I'm Jeff Crouere. thanks for watching.   

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