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Dear World, We are not S--t Holes in Trump's America

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TRUMP SHITHOLE IMMIGRATIONNow, Herr Trump is tweeting that he didn't use the language that apparently, Senators in the room say he did, in this latest round of controversy coming out of this White House.

Despite a number of news outlets reporting that the “King of Chaos”--as one person described him today on CNN--did utter those outrageous words about Haiti, Africa and elsewhere--he denies making the comments.


In an early morning “executive time” tweet, the infamous Twitter in Chief wrote:

The language used by me at the DACA meeting was tough, but this was not the language used. What was really tough was the outlandish proposal made - a big setback for DACA!

Now, that makes sense, huh?

The President says he used language at the meeting but “this” was not the language used.

Assuming Trump meant to say he did not say those things being alleged, “America, We’ve got a problem”.

Now, all of the cowardly Republican Senators in that meeting are going to have to go public to show how much of a liar he really is.  Obviously, Democrats need not apply since he will make this a partisan dispute.

I know that Trump and his spinsters are now claiming that he didn’t say what he meant or he didn’t mean what he said or something nonsensical like either, but thesee alternative language explanations are just that.

Donald Trump News Today

Actually, borrowing from someone wiser than I am, his words are “SHole” fake.

Let us not get caught up in his effort to now make it appear that he and only he is concerned about the future of America’s immigration. Obviously, all of us prefer immigrants who are intelligent, rich, likely to succeed. 

However, generally, those are not the people wanting to leave their countries. Instead, it is the huddled masses, the Italians who were disparaged.  It was the Irish who were scorned.  Now, millions of them including his own ancestors are contributors to this American fabric.

I am reminded that some of my distant relatives came to the US, figuratively without a shirt on their respective backs.  They happened to spend 4 or 5 years or so in the Auschwitz Hilton, which was a real S--Hole our President could have described in such accurate terms.  Very few countries wanted these family members (who survived, since so many did not) as immigrants.  Now their descendants, my peers, and their own kids are great contributors to our communities.

This controversy is not just a passing issue being spun by the so-called Fake Media. As we all know, the President of the United States represents all of us.  He is our face and our mouth to the world. When he starts talking and acting trash about other nations, countries and people and worse, to call those countries S--tholes, he, unfortunately, speaks for us all. His words send a horrible message to the rest of the world in our collective names.  It gives mileage to the very claims that he is a racist, therefore, American is a racist nation too.

But whether he is a racist or just a President who happened to get caught using some disgusting words to describe people who are not part of his Aryan Nation, there is a larger issue.

Sadly, our President is not man enough to admit his mistake and to apologize for his hurtful and demeaning comments.  Nor is he willing to face or to ever tell the truth, it seems.

Being honest, humble and apologetic is way too decent for Donald Trump as an American President or frankly, as a human being.

And all of us Americans who take shelter in being forthright and honorable are worse off by his pitiful chicanery and utterly unexplainable weaknesses.


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