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Trump's oval office DACA meeting resulting in S-Hole government shutdown?

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ranna shutdown2Can you believe that a meeting held in the oval office has sparked a controversy being heard around the world in which the debate being is "a-hole" vs. "a-house"? Instead of discussing a budget deal and the wall and whether the dreamers are facing a nightmare, not of their own choosing over an issue basically not over their own choosing, the topic of discussion, for better or worse, has degenerated to what was said at a presidential meeting. The DACA kids and young adults came to America because their parents wanted a better life and as a result, the parents, broke the law and technically speaking, so did the kids.  So, who should be blamed for this conversation meltdown?

The issues has been hotly debated in churches, in the White House, on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC, on twitter, at the dinner table and yes, on Facebook Live, as late as Wednesday afternoon.

Sparing on one side, was Jim Brown, former Louisiana State Senator, Secretary of State and Insurance Commissioner who has been a frequent guest of our online video streaming programs. Brown also writes a weekly column for Bayoubuzz and hosts a national radio show.

On the other side, for the most part was Rannah Gray and yours truly.

Rannah Gray has a very interesting career. According to her bio, "She is a Louisiana public relations consultant whose career highlights include her state’s two favorite pastimes—politics and sports. Her work as a media producer has been honored with numerous national awards. Politics Magazine named her one of the Top 100 Influencers in Louisiana; and in Baton Rouge, she was named Marketer of the Year, and one of Baton Rouge’s Influential Women in Business.

Besides authoring a book named "Familiar Evil", which has won 12 national and international book awards, including eight Gold Medals for Best True Crime and Best New Nonfiction, she happened to be the under-Louisiana Secretary of State, under Jim Brown. So, having run his political campaign and his elective office, she brought an interesting perspective to the conversation.

The sub-issue which started the program was whether President Trump deserved a certain right of privacy in that now-infamous meeting, which failed so poorly. As a result of the failure and the resulting acrimony, as of now, there is no deal for the dreamers, no wall in sight and president's one-year-anniversary present might very well be a federal shutdown for the Trump administration and for the nation.

Here is the transcript of the initial part of the Facebook Live discussion. If you are interested in watching more of our somewhat testy, but "respectable" discussion about a not-so-respectful White House meeting, fast forward the video below to the 5 minutes 30 second mark.  Or, of course, you can watch the video from the beginning.

BROWN: I was a statewide official for 28 years, had a number of meetings where you shut the door and kicked up this scenario, that scenario, what if, and sometimes outrageous things were said--that's ridiculous let's get on to something and find a solution. in my experience we didn't didn't run out the door and call a press conference and review every word that was said and I was concerned that some of the folks involving the president's press conference rather than saying Mr. President that's not getting us anywhere let's move forward decided they had to go out and go through every word.

And see if I seemed like I was watching today now we're like four days away or five days away on MSNBC and CNN that's all they're talking about, that's all they're talking about, not the process not the problem not the the DACA, the dreamers, what to do with immigration, but what the president said it's unproductive we're not getting anything done and it's it continues the division going on. So I might have handle it differently but right now it just seems like it's stalled the whole thing down and I don't like the process at all

SABLUDOWSKY: given the fact, that as you said as Jim said you've had all this incredible experience in the political realm and also  in terms of helping governmental offices so is Jim right?  I mean is is Jim right in terms of this, in a sense being unfair to the President and to the members in the meeting?


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GRAY: There was a time in which i would agree with Jim completely but I think in the last 12 months we're in an entirely different environment and we just have to accept the fact that if you want to bring a small group of trusted advisors in and have a no-holds-barred kind of a freewheeling conversation and get all your profanities out in the discussion that's one thing, but when you bring a group of elected officials in, these twelve cabinet secretaries and then members of opposing parties, it's going to have to accept in today's world that everyone's going to go get on Twitter or they're going to go get in front of cameras and they're going to talk about what was said in that meeting. I think what's missing here Steve and Jim is somebody that has a steady hand and a very calm voice leading these meetings here--so there's a leadership void there in these meetings where if you come out and you said something that that didn't play well or the s-hole comment that is so widely dominating the news now, there's there no one step up and say "hey everybody let's forget words let's forget tha, whether or not it was profane--let's talk about the problem, let's talk about DACA--let's talk about what needs to be agreed on. That's not what happened.

That's not what happened. The president went out took a victory lap as the White House insiders called it, calling all of his friends and saying, you know, what, you think? Don't you like this? And kind of like this. The president himself during the campaigning described locker room talk. The fact of the matter is, we just have to accept--he likes that.   He likes to operate in the world of locker room talk and I don't think he sees but that's a problem and we're all shrinking from and we're sorry there's 800,000 young people whose lives hang in the balance and Jim's absolutely right that's the issue why we're we're not talking about that but what is that. But partisan politics is just taking over the discussion.

SABLUDOWSKY: They actually had a deal. I mean you know the first meeting, basically President Trump said, "you guys get it done and come to me you know you're good guys and I'll sign would you present to me" so at 10 o'clock according to Lindsey Graham a Republican senator said "we're ready to go"

GRAY: Right

SABLUDOWSKY: But prior to the meeting, all of a sudden, you know, somebody spoke in Trump'ear and Trump took it in a different direction and he uttered these things



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