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FRC's Tony Perkins join Trump, GOP in fundraising to combat FAKE NEWS

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PERKINSAdd Family Research Council to the Republican National Committee and President Donald Trump who are fundraising by attacking the FAKE NEWS


Here is an email from the President, Tony Perkins of Louisiana:

Given the media's hysterical reaction to Trump's election, we shouldn't be all that surprised that they are foregoing any and all journalistic standards.

Consider these recent stories about CNN...

"CNN producer fesses up: We're just doing the Russia stuff for ratings."

CNN has a "unique role as nemesis for Mr. Trump."

"3 CNN journalists resign after retracted story on Trump ally."

As a former news journalist myself, I can tell you that none of the reports exposing CNN will change them. This infuriates me because most journalists are trained to be fair, to check the facts, and to do their homework.

And this is why I am writing you with so much urgency today. As a supporter of FRC, you are well aware of our daily Washington Watch podcast and radio show that is heard on more than 280 radio stations around the country. Our aim with Washington Watch is to give you real news -- news that has been verified, news that has confirmed sources, and news that has been fact-checked. Call me old-fashioned, but I was taught that if you tell the truth you need not worry -- and that is what we do -- tell the truth.


And I believe Washington Watch is more critical now than at any other time in our 35-year history -- and worth every single penny.

It is my hope that as we begin the new year, you will renew your commitment to FRC. Your gift will not only support Washington Watch, but it will also support all of our national efforts to advance a distinctly pro-family, pro-life, pro-faith, and pro-freedom agenda in 2018. Thank you for your consideration again and may God bless you.

Standing (Eph. 6:13),

Tony Perkins

P.S. Please consider a 2018 renewal gift of $100 or more to FRC right away. Your contribution will help us prepare for the battles that are headed our way -- countering the liberal media, defunding Planned Parenthood, protecting religious freedom, and promoting policies that are pro-family. Thank you again.

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