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Trump's State of the Union Address, can he bring America together?

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trump congress speechPresident Donald Trump will be speaking to the nation Tuesday night on the eve of the successful trip to Switzerland and the passing of his tax plan. Also, he has laid out a plan of sorts to enable the “dreamers” to remain the the United States in exchanged with ending the immigration lottery and in exchange with $25 billion to fund his Mexican wall.

Last year, when he addressed the nation, about ten days after his inaugural speech, the President gave a sober speech in which afterwards, even the most liberal commentators congratulated him for staying on message.


So, what might he say to the nation and to the world Tuesday night? In essence, this was the question I asked Ronnah Gray and Jim Brown Monday morning as we discussed numerous national issues in a Facebook Live discussion.

Here is the transcript of this segment of the discussion. You can watch the segment video by clicking below. Alternatively, you can watch the entire program by clicking on the link to the Facebook Live video.

SABLUDOWSKY: The President is going to have give his big speech tomorrow what is it that you would hope that the President says, that would help bring the country together, though they would actually make a difference?

GRAY: I hope he puts out a reasonable immigration reform.  I hope he puts out a reasonable immigration reform plan, I hope he shows some indication of where we're going. I know he'll take the Victory lap on tax reform, he'll pat himself f on the back as he comes off of Davos-- he comes off of tax reform, he has an opportunity to actually be presidential and bring both sides together.  That's the opportunity I hope he takes.  I've heard that he's got a dreamer sitting with the first lady so I think that'll be a big focus of it, some other people whose story he's going to tell. I really hope he lays low on the self-congratulations and talks presidential that we need him to be in this talk, but I'll be watching.

BROWN:  I think he'll give a good speech to people watch and say hey that makes pretty good sense, with the economy doing so well, I think you'll certainly play hard on the economy. Very low unemployment.  The fact that more companies are bringing their money back into America-- that's going to sell well.  Of course, the devil's in the details and in the State of the Union he just not going to have the time and Trump doesn't have the information to fill in the details.   I'm sure there will be up as Rannah said a dreamer sitting next to the first lady, having said that-- what is the overall comprehensive reform that he wants? is he still going to demand the wall and like i said, the devil is in the details.  I don't think it's going to be a confrontational speech, i think he's going to take his victory lap, Ronnah, I think it's pretty wishful thinking that he's not going to pat himself on the back and take credit for the economy, but listen that's what presidents do

GRAY: Well, if he just pat himself on the back for the economy, okay, but I'm afraid he's pat himself on the back for many things.

BROWN: When things are going good you take credit for it so I think he will, and so maybe I hope he lays the foundation to get a start off for New Year, you know it's been a pretty Rocky last year, his first year in office with the whole confrontation of the shutdown, there's a sour note out there, and I think can still be Donald Trump but play into the fact that he's going to bring a United America together in the future and and keep it within the purview of what of his limitations, but still offer up a pretty note, I hope so.  And i'm going to be surprised if he doesn't, quite frankly, it's just too easy a shot for him to say, hey, look what we have all done together , now, let's get on with the New Year.  That's what I think's going to happen.  

But I'm also going to be interested in seeing Stormy Daniels on Jimmy Kimmel after the show is over tomorrow night

GRAY: And Colbert live, you better set your DVR for all all the channels

SABLUDOWSKY: My last comment about this is in terms of the president is this-- that it's so easy for anybody, a president or or the Mayor of New Orleans and incoming Mayor of New Orleans, etc. to say, we need to come together, we need to put up those things aside-- I think the President of United States DonaldTrump, in particular could go a long way--long long way--to actually congratulate the Obama Administration for taking us out of the horrible situation that we were in.  Donald Trump can take credit for doing away with a lot of the regulations that apparently the business people, the business Community really wanted to get the shackles off --that may actually actually promote the growth that we need that maybe could get us up to a GDP of 4%.  But every time he refuses to acknowledge the thing that he's taking credit for now, when he refuses to acknowledge the fact that the unemployment actually dropped--halfed under the Obama Administration and went to 4.9% now 4.1%, and he takes full credit for that,he should acknowledge that Obama administration for better or worse, you had the jobs to go-- actually the jobs, actually went better under Obama then in terms of jobs growth in on under Donald Trump andrefuses to 

BROWN: i think he's do all that Steve, I'm sure he'll pat Obama on the back (laughs) 

GRAY:  I'll be happy if he just maybe somehow leaves Hillary out of it

SABLUDOWSKY: I think that that wILL go A long way--that's my point.  I mean he's the one who said that that we were doing badly with the stock market and all of the stock market was irrelevant, now it's relevant.  Job growth is was irrelevant now it's relevant . I think that if he just be honest about all this and to say look--we're doing something together as a team I think that would go a long way to really help to connect the Democrats and Republicans


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