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Col. Maness: Trump runs risk of impeachment if he abandons 2nd Amendment

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trump gun mouthRetired Col. Rob Maness, during our Friday morning Facebook and Twitter Live show, being held at 8am, weekly, said that President Donald Trump runs risk of impeachment if he abandons 2nd Amendment. 


This week, Trump made significant gestures in favor of certain aspects of gun control he would be willing to accept after the recent school shooting in Parkland Florida.

Not that the retired Colonel wants Trump impeached in fact, he specifically does not want him impeached, but Maness’s loyalty to the 2nd Amendment and the US Constitution is apparently more important to him, than loyalty to a President of the United States, with whom he doesn’t like as a human being, but likes the policies, so far. 

Today’s video stream program focused initially upon the budget problem confronting Louisiana. Towards the end of our conversation, the topic turned to the recent school shooting and the response.

The Second Amendment of the Constitution is a major component of Colonel Maness’s life blood, it seems. He said this morning that he went into the armed service at the age of 17 where he learned how to handle a weapon. He feels the focus should be on hardening the schools and improving the followup to warnings to law enforcement agencies, which broke down leading up to the Florida massacre. I asked him if weapons such as hand grenades and bazookas would be considered arms under the constitution and he said it would, although, he recognizes the risks involved and legal limitations that could be imposed using these types of weapons instead of high-powered rifles.

We talked for most of the latter part of the program about guns.  The one major revelation one might come in discussing this topic is, you don’t mess around with the US Constituton’s second amendment.

Below is the transcript of the latter part of the discussion focusing upon gun control and President Trump, which begins at the 43:16 mark on the video. Please watch the entire interview which for the most part digs deep into the Louisiana legislative and the state budget problem. The segment of the video that first starts the gun discussion  begins at the 26: 38 point on the video. 

MANESS: He may as well stand down his campaign for 2020 if he continues down the road that he was on in that meeting on Wednesday .The folks that I talked to are adamantly opposed to raising the age to 21 to be able to purchase a firearm, a rifle, or a shotgun.  The--as I am. Look you're talking to a guy that joined the military when he was 17 years old> If you're old enough to serve in the military or be drafted yeah you're old enough to make the decisions and you're gonna be armed in the military even if you're 17 which I was.  And as are thousands of people in this country every year and they are responsible for their actions.  And that's what we have to do is hold people responsible for their actions so that we don't restrict law-abiding citizens from their civil right of being able to own a firearm and protect themselves and do the right thing by their community in their country, if necessary.

So I think yeah just stand down his campaign for 2020 if he's gonna continue down that road and be a one-term president and it wouldn't surprise me though that if, that this approach could actually open him up to actual impeachment.  You know, you know that there are a lot of Democrats that want to impeach the president but if the folks that believe in the Constitution of the United States, there are enough of them to to align with those folks that want to impeach this president he could be facing impeachment very very easily and he might not even be a one-term president, if he goes down this road 

That's how critical it is and and how how not strong the gun lobby is but how strongly supported they are by the citizens in the United States. I think a lot of people don't realize that they miss that, they think of the gun lobby is about big corporations but it's not. It's the NRA is supported by citizens more than it is anything else and that's the only thing that really gives them their power.  


SABLUDOWSKY: So I said it was the last question but you brought something up I need to follow up on and that is that you know and preface it by saying that you're a very strong staunch supporter of the president.  You may have issues with some of the things he says, and and does, but you definitely are a very very strong supporter of the president--so now you're talking about if he, does, if if he moves away from the Second Amendment there is impeachment. I mean it from my standpoint it's really profound that anybody would say that

MANESS: It's profound that that I would say that.  yeah I mean you point that ouT.  Now look, like I don't personally even like this individual as a human being, I said that many times, but his policy so far I think are the right ones for the country up to this point.  But what's not right for the country is to ignore the Constitution of the United States and and  to ignore the Constitution of the United States and and try to act like something is not a civil right, when it is, and that's been a problem on the left before and Mr,. Trump's not a left or a right person he's not an ideologue, I've said that many times I think you know that Steve, he is a is just a person

SABLUDOWSKY: he's an opportunist

MANESS: well we know he's an opportunity, he's a pitchman, you know, so I don't know if he's speaking on emotion right now look I'm upset that seventeen kids died I'm very upset but I'm focused on on policies that I know from decades of experience that can have a an effect that's that either stop or prevent or keep so many people from getting killed in these sight of activities because I don't think there's anything you do they get to get the rate down to zero, but there are definitely things that could have been done even in the response at Parkland that could have reduced the killings of these children so I'm very upset about it I still have a child that's in seventh grade and all of my kids went to public schools, so, but if the president steps away from the Second Amendment, it would be it will be worse than if he stepped away from nominating a guy like Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.  He needs to understand that when he takes that action.


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