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Crouere: CNN out of touch with Trump Derangement Syndrome, viewers out too

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tds cnn crouereI'm Jeff Crouere, welcome to the Jeff Crouere Youtube channel.

 back in the heyday CNN was a distinguished broadcaster. They had people of liberal and conservative and moderate views. They really cared about the truth. They were The News Leader, number one.

Ttoday CNN is a joke. They all have Trump derangement syndrome.  They all hate President Donald Trump. You watch any of the shows and all they do is bash Donald Trump 24 hours a day. in fact the president recently gave out his fake news awards. CNN won four of the ten awards.


CNN is probably the worst of all of the broadcast entities and we're talking about even being worse than MSNBC, that's terrible. They're also worse than New York Times and the Washington Post.  The whole media complex today is all about bashing Donald Trump. A study was recently done and found that 95 percent of the coverage of the president was negative despite that he still gets almost 50 percent approval ratings--because I think people are now seeing more money in their pocket books, they see the economy turning around so they're turning off the media in greater numbers.

CNN and other networks don't get the kind of ratings they used to get because they're turning off so many people.  They see the bias.  They see where they're coming from.  They see they're trying to get the president.  They don't see a network that is any longer searching for the truth.  They don't see objectivity.

These hosts are all liberal commentators.  They're not being honest with the American people.  They're trying to claim that they're being balanced and they're not.  So the media today is in trouble but the number one entity in trouble is CNN.  

Their ratings are horrific, the reputation is horrific, and I think unless they start changing they're headed for even more trouble, and I'll tell you one thing with this president he's not going to take their attacks sitting down.  He's gonna fight back.  That's why he always takes it to the CNN reporters.  

Recently, Jim Acosta their White House correspondent was in the White House badgering the president with unfair questions.  He told him one word.  He said "out".  And I think a lot of people are saying that to CNN end get out, they're not watching the network any longer and that's for good reason 

I'm Jeff Crouere. Thanks for watching. Thanks for watching Jeff career Youtube channel. Since we launched, thousands of people have come to our site and you know why? It's because we're hitting some of the hot topics, the controversial issues, we're exploring and that's what we're gonna do throughout the rest of the year. So if you haven't subscribed please do. This year is going to be our best year ever

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