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Maness: Obama should get no credit for good economy, it's Trump

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gold economyDonald Trump, unquestionably, had great economic news he had a right to gloat over with the jobs report posting on Friday, an increase of $313,000 jobs for the month of February. The stock market remains strong, the jobs are becoming more plentiful and there is optimism in the air.

So, who should get credit for the continued strong numbers in the stock market?  President Barack Obama, who over an eight-year period, reversed the downward free fall of  unemployment hitting 500,000 job loss per month and a stock market that  dropped radically and quickly prior to President George Bush departure? Or, should the kudos go to President Donald Trump who immediately started to promote a different philosophy towards economic growth,than his Democratic predecessor?

This was part of the discussion Colonel Rob Maness and I had on Friday during a Facebook Live interview--as we discussed the strong numbers that regardless who gets or deserves to get credit, Americans should applaud.

Here is a transcript of the discussion, which began at the 22 minute, 15 second mark on the video. This discussion ended at the 30 minute, 16 second mark.

Should you want to watch the entire video, we discussed the North Korea negotiations, the mainstream media, Stormy Daniels, the change in attitude since President Obama departed and issues such as the Russia probe.

SABLUDOWSKY: I just put up a tweet from Piers Morgan "best u.s. jobs number since 1983 that's astounding, yet still Trump haters so desperately trying not to give him any credit, love him or or loathe him, real Donald Trump is delivering on jobs to pretend otherwise is not just partisan politics, it's pathetic.  Let me tell you how my feeling is on that I think that mm there anybody who doesn't want to give Donald Trump credit for jobs is is drinking kool-aid that is poisonous--the problem is that there's a flipside and that is a Donald Trump refusing to give the prior administration credit and you know I have always felt that when the current president from the very beginning refused to give the former president any credit that poisoned the the other kool-aid well. And so I shall wish that President Obama we get up there and give President Trump credit but likewise, I sure wish that President Trump, now that he's had a year under his belt and the job market is is and this is astounding numbers, I mean why not give the the prior administration credit? Cuz look--  the stock market was at 18,000 you know from 6,000 or 7,000 when Obama took over. Yea question. deregulations. Nope, no question say the tax bill those things I think are being viewed by the business community, economically as being a plus.  But if you refuse to give credit  where I think credit is due--the job market went down from from close to ten percent to four point eight four point seven percent.  So why not do this? I mean you're gonna bring your country together, isn't that the way to do it?

MANESS: Well I think I think the first thing that you would hear from someone in the administration is that look we got our tax reform plan passed, you know, the companies that are given those bonuses in the billions now to their employees that are creating the new jobs that are bringing capital home--they weren't doing that under the Obama administration.  And that tax plan has been not one of the other side voted for it, not one.  Not even one of the other side voted for it and the people have seen in spite of the negative media coverage of that tax reform plan, the people have seen that it is positively impacting their lives and that's what they expect out of a president Republican or Democrat. I think that's what you would hear from them, you know there just wasn't that, you know part of this is positive perception on businesses part that leads to a positive perception on the public's part and none of that is very concrete.  So so I think that you know you can throw the numbers out there on where things rat when President Obama left but it's a very hard sell for the folks that voted for Trump that are watching him having to fight through 97% negative media coverage at the national level which that penetrates down to the local level, which that penetrates down to the local level, we all know that are having to see him fight through the crazy Russian collusion investigation, you know, aside from the fact that the Russians messed with our electoral system with an information and cyber operation, that is in fact is what should be being most hardly looked at, the rest of it is it's just a bunch of fluff, there's been no evidence--continues to be no evidence of that, when you see, when supporters and voters who voted for him see all that, and see the successes in spite of those things, that you know there they would be very disappointed if he actually gave President Obama any credit.  And I'm surprised that President Obama hasn't given Trump credit too because he has he has accomplished quite a bit for ,a first year non politician president somebody it's never been in politics before from the like this government side to get these things done.  And but I but it's you know the probability of President Obama, doing that is zero--because he held Bush accountable for all eight years of his administration.  He blamed everything, so I'm surprised he's not trying to take more credit for the past.

Because, I mean, his his mode of operation has been to look back at the past president and give him all the credit or the discredit in the Bush case

SABLUDOWSKY: Well you know I think Obama, you know, again, I think when he took office, the economy was in free flow fall and I think that you know he overall did fairly well certainly you know it wasn't as positive as it is now, but it wasn't to me, wthe stock market could have gone down to 500.  Okay,could going down a thousand.  All I'm saying is I think that you know look I'm the one who said I think Obama should give Trump credit--but I likewise do believe that if Trump wants of bring the country together he's the one who's president right now and and you know to just deny credit-- mean Trump was taking credit before he actually became president.  He was taking credit for a stock market, he was taking credit you know for the job increases, before he took over.  That's insane, just like I think it's insane for Obama to not give Trump credit at this point in time.

MANESS: mm-hm, well again it's all about perception and you businesspeople and business men and women didn't surprise me at all that Trump took credit before he actually took office because the positive outlooks started once his election occurred and and that's when we started seeing positive action and trending from big business, especially, in the hopes of you know having that positive outlook on the business world and and I think that continues today.  Now, we have concrete evidence.  Now we have concrete actions and evidence to back that up.

SABLUDOWSKY: But unemployment could have dropped to 20% you know instead of going down to 4.8, you know, that's that's the point that I'm trying to make, that I think that, that number one the facts the concrete evidence showed there was a remarkable improvement, okay, over eight-year period of time considering where we were heading and we can argue as to what caused where we headed but I think that you know you've got to give credit just like I think you have to give George Bush credit  for what the positive that happened under his administration.  I just again, I think Obama should give credit and I think that Trump should give credit and and without it, then I think that you know we're just gonna you know we're not gonna come together at all 


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