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"Always-Trumpers" in DEEP STATE of denial after Michael Cohen warrant

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DEEP DENIALIt’s time to calm down.

The feds engaged in an extraordinary step in getting a warrant to obtain important records belonging to Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s attorney. The reason presented in the media so far is there claim that the documents are related to a potential crime associated with the Stormy Daniels case.


Since the action broke in the media, the right wing Donald Trump “always-Trump-no-matter-what” defenders are going through the roof.  The response is led by the President himself, excoriating Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein and his own Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Today, the president is tweeting the “attorney-client privilege is over”. Yesterday, somehow, he called this development as an attack upon the country.  Interesting words. He has been so silent about the real attack on this country, perpetrated by the Russians before and during the 2016 elections.

No doubt, the action was an extraordinary one.  As an attorney, unquestionably, I would not want my client’s and my own papers to be seized in such an aggressive fashion.  When I first heard about what occurred, I admit that images went through my mind--the FBI bashing down doors to seize contraband of the mafia. And, no doubt, the President has a right to feel invaded that his secrets are violated, even if they go through a process of being screened before handed over to the investigating FBI.

The Trumpers, led by the President and team are raising the roof. A quick glance at one of the Trump ringmasters, Fox News's Lou Dobbs, on twitter says it all:

End the Outrageous Witch Hunt- @GreggJarrett: AG Jeff Sessions is incompetent, the FBI is corrupt & Robert Mueller & Rod Rosenstein are unethical & abusing the legal process. They all deserve to be fired. #MAGA #TrumpTrain #Dobbs

Lou Dobbs‏Verified account @LouDobbs 14h14 hours ago

Corrupt Special Counsel- @VicToensing & Joe diGenova: @realDonaldTrump should absolutely not sit down with Robert Mueller. He is out to get the President and by raiding Michael Cohen's office has proven to be acting in bad faith #MAGA #TrumpTrain #Dobbs

Others are claiming it is an act of the DEEP STATE

Right-wing columnists are demanding that Trump fire them all.

However, they are ignoring little things, called facts.

This warrant was not carried out by Team Mueller, a Republican. Instead, Mueller went to another Republican Rod Rosenstein, appointed by Republican Jeff Sessions who sent the referral to a Trump appointee US Attorney who somehow was able to convince another Trump appointee, a federal judge that the warrant, carried out in this fashion, was necessary.  Oh, did I forget, another Trump appointee, the new Director of the FBI Christopher Wray also must be involved in the investigation.

If anybody thinks this is a deep state mission, they are in a state of denial and fantasy.

The federal judge, under these circumstances, had to have concluded that a crime had been committed or was about to be committed and there was no other way to obtain the necessary information.

Those arguing some type of Deep State conspiracy are quite frankly, doing a disservice to their audiences. The President is doing a disservice to this country by personalizing this action and by demolishing the faith and trust we, as Americans, need to have in the judicial system, including the FBI.

It is time to be responsible and let the facts and the Justice system proceed.

The process is more important than any President, any attorney, and any Fox News host.

It is time to calm down and end the digital lynch mob, respect the people they serve and to honor the constitution they claim they value so dearly.

It is simply time to calm down.


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