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IG Horowitz report ugly for Comey, lovers but irrelevant to Trump Russia probe

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oig irrelevant 8James Comey, former FBI director, was considered to be contradiction, a riddle wrapped in an enigma. Now he’s a riddle wrapped in an enigma inside a Rubik’s cube. The Justice Department’s inspector general, Michael Horowitz, today, called Comey insubordinate and called his judgment into question. There’s a lot of questionable judgment running around Washington these days, including forcible segregation of immigrant children from their parents at the border, fetes for a ruthless dictator famed for killing members of his own family, and alleged official self-enrichment that would make King Midas blush.

There’s been enough bad judgment in Washington to fuel a soap opera. The FBI’s Peter Strozk and Lisa Page exchanged deleterious emails that revealed a private animus towards President Trump while the two married agents were engaged in a torrid affair. Critics of any moral outrage at their conduct point to the president’s bragging, on the cusp of his election, about his forward method of meeting females, and the allegations of other undesirable conduct, most famously with a porn star, Stormy Daniels. Bill Clinton suffered from similar claims, including conduct with Monica Lewinsky.

“Rabbit hole,” “fake news,” “gaslighting,” “conspiracy,” and other terms are flying out of Washington, and elsewhere, faster than dollars from Mercer PACs. Sadly, what people believe is going to be founded in the political divide that characterizes the national temperature at this point in time. Does it matter that Trump waffled on why he fired Comey, at first because of how the Clinton email scandal was handled, and then because of the Russia investigation? Was the interview of two Trump campaign associates an impermissible infiltration of the campaign by the FBI? Was it improper for a FISA court judge to approve warrants based on reports from a former British spy with roots in Russia?

None of this matters to the Mueller investigation. If Trump did nothing wrong, as vast numbers believe, he should have nothing to fear. The panic evidenced by the president, regarding Mueller’s investigation, has no relationship to Strozk and Page, Comey, or even Trump’s personal relations.

What’s on the table with Mueller has to do with the trove of Michael Cohen’s potentially incriminating mountain of documents; Don Jr.’s courting of Russians; Paul Manafort’s shady affiliations with pro-Russian surrogates in foreign countries; voter manipulation by foreign entities; trails of dollars through Cypress and other secretive financial havens; and Russian cash that might have found its way to the campaign, among other things that should concern all Americans who love freedom. These things need the light of day.

The Russia investigation goes to the heart of democracy. To bury it because of the failings of some investigators will not protect the values we depend upon as a people. 

Donald Trump, because of his position, is not immune to the rule of law and his appeals toprejudice and fear will not absolve him from any offenses against the Constitution. To think otherwise is to abandon the principles that men and women have died to protect.


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