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Trump's gains are dogged by his separating immigrant children from parents policy

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caged 5The best reason to enact gun control in the United States is to keep the administration from shooting itself in the foot. Its lemming-like rush to obliterate gains is stunning in scope and breathtaking to behold. Just as the president’s poll numbers were rising; fever for investigations falling; personal scandals receding; a somewhat contrived diplomatic coup achieved; and oblivion continuing to shrouding Republican cowardice, the administration decided that strict compliance with U.S. immigration laws required internment of children brought to the border by asylum seekers and illegal immigrants. If that wasn’t enough, new directives removed spousal abuse and gang violence as just causes for asylum.

A small wave of sympathy was building for Donald Trump, helped by Robert DeNiro and Samantha Bee who threw vulgar tantrums that made Kathy Griffin look vaguely normal. Stormy Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, got slapped with a ten-million-dollar assessment for not making a timely payment to a former law-partner. Paul “The Rock” Manafort proved his bona fides by choosing to eat baloney sandwiches instead of spilling the beans. Michael Cohen was busy trying to get Avenatti to shut up, and kissy-face agents brought disgrace on the Bureau while James Comey fessed up to whatever it was he said he did in an op-ed written for Hillary.

Though no one knows what Little Rocket Man is really up to, besides partying after his successful summit, the fact that he’s not shooting off his mouth, or bombs, is good for the country. Even the insults the president lobbed at the too-nice-to-be-in-politics Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, are fading, as is Trump’s offer to send Japan 25 million Mexicans.

The art of smoky lies and fun house mirrors were working better than General Mills’ pitch that Cheerios grow healthy hearts. Even Midwest farmers sucked up the losses that are sure to come when China gets down with its own tariffs. Even the new Trump Foundation lawsuit seemed old hat. The economy is humming, job stats are good, and Ivanka got new patents. 

Everything was rosy, for the moment, until of all things, the administration chose to treat immigrant and asylum-seeker children like creatures in a Charles Dickens’ novel. Whoever thought that juvenile internment camps was a good idea needs to read “Hello Moon” to Paul Manafort every night in his cell. Even religious leaders who’d just applauded the anti-LGBTQ2 “Fearful Baker” Supreme Court ruling, and the U.N., got riled up by the new policies.

Adios to begrudging acceptance of some sort of wall along the Southern border, which isn’t to say that its purpose couldn’t be accomplished cheaper, and more efficiently, but because 25 billion-dollars in a world of 1.5 trillion-dollar corporate tax cuts isn’t all that much money. The newly revised procedures, disingenuously blamed on Democrats, will doom the wall because of their inhumanity, and the irreparable harm they’re doing to the soul of the nation. Just ask anyone who’s ever looked at a milk carton and thought, “But for the grace of God, that could be my child.”


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