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Kennedy, GOP in the media-frenzied "shark tank" due to Trump-Putin?

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John Kennedy has become somewhat of a folk hero on cable TV since his moving from the Louisiana Treasurer’s office to the US Senate.  He’s somewhat of the go-to guy for quips and quotes on the burning issues of the day.

This morning, he appeared on CNN’s New Day. The issue? Of course, President Donald Trump and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

Since their joint appearance on Monday, there has been much speculation, outrage, counter-outrage by the media, the left and the right over whether Trump presented a strong image last week at the NATO conference and in Finland, at the summit.


To open up this morning’s interview, CNN played a clip in which Kennedy had previously said that “dealing with Putin is like hand-feeding a shark”.

Unlike most CNN interviews with Kennedy, this one seemed to get somewhat uncomfortable and tense. President Trump has put members of his Republican Party members  in somewhat of an difficult position. Do they criticize the President for his actions both this week and last? Do they defend him? Then, there is the question whether the media is being unfair by putting politicians like Kennedy under intense scrutiny, essentially, asking whether the President is weak and questioning whether he might be dangerous to American interest.

In other words, is Kennedy as well as other Republican elected officials in the shark-infested media tank ready to be bitten? Or, in the end, will the Democrats and the mainstream media get gnawed by over-asking and over-reaching? 

Today, at 2:30 PM, Jim Brown and Christopher Tidmore will join me to discuss the Kennedy interview and this week’s events. No question, the CNN Kennedy interview was powerful. Does it help or hurt the Senator?

Join us today on Bayoubuzz or on Facebook pages of Jim Brown, Christopher Tidmore or on mine. The program will also be broadcasted on Twitter, Youtube and Linkedin.

We look forward to your participation.

Here is the CNN interview

Here is the first segment of today’s interview. We will play the interview during our program as we discuss.

Kennedy (from past interview) We're gonna have to contain them and the old way to contain them you don't have to be ugly about it but you've got to be very very firm. Dealing with Putin is like hand-feeding a shark, you can do it but you have to do it very very carefully.

CNN: That is a Republican Senator John Kennedy's advice on how to handle Russian President Vladimir Putin. Senator Kennedy recently returned from a congressional trip to Russia where he says he told high-level officials to stop screwing with our elections.

CNN: Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana joins me now. Senator thank you so much for being with us. You say talking to Putin's like feeding a shark you can do it but you have to do it very carefully--did President Trump feed the shark very carefully.

SEN. KENNEDY: Here here's, let me answer your question this way. And I will answer it John. Here's what I wish the President had said. I wish he'd come out after the meeting and said President Putin and I had a very frank conversation. I told him to stop acting like a thug. I told him if he wanted a better relationship with my country, he should stop, to stop trying to mug democracy. He should stop treating the truth like his mother's good China. He should get out of Ukraine, let it self-determine. Get out of Crimea let himself determine. Help us settle the mess in in Syria and stop poisoning people and other countries. Now that's not what the president said. He started out like a man on fire. He fussed at NATO as he should have for letting the American taxpayer pay most of the freight. He fussed in Germany for signing a gas deal with Russia, but at his press conference, and I watched it first live, and then I watched it on tape, he was very uncertain, very tentative. He was clearly off his game.

And I will tell you, I left this after listening to both of them, I told my my better half Becky, I said "Becky I'm not sure what the president said". Now he's he's he's cleared it up and regardless of what anybody says, I stand by what I said about mr. Putin. Dealing with him is like hand-feeding the shark, even has eyes like a shark. No disrespect. Forget what he says. Watch what he does. If he medals in our election this fall and I told his colleagues this when I was in Russia as did the other senators, if he messes with our election this fall, I believe Congress will double down on sanctions. Maybe triple down

CNN: Okay senator, little let's review a few of the things you said here. You said you thought the president was very ineffective, uncertain you said, off his game.


Here is the discussion from today

CNN: Do you feel that he looked weak standing next to President Putin?

SEN. KENNEDY: He looked off his game. I've never had an at length discussion one on one with Mr. Trump about how he feels about Russia, so I honestly don't know, you have to judge 

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