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Potus threw Don Jr. under Trump Tower with Russian meeting tweet

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Before turning to the topic on everyone’s mind, the tweet that’s burning up the airwaves, the next person Donald Trump should fire is the misbegotten soul who failed to install portable air conditioners aimed at the president during his Saturday rally in Ohio. Trump said it was around 110 degrees in the smallish gym where he spoke and the heat ruined his new suit. The makeup artist who slathered meltable pancake on the president’s face, also, must go. Dislike Trump all you want, but he’s still president and should appear looking presidential, no matter how he acts, or what he says. 

Following the Ohio visual debacle, Trump headed to Bedminster, NJ, for a working vacation. Work he did, producing a flurry of tweets. The strangest contained both an admission and a denial. The president admitted that the Trump Tower meeting with Russians prior to the election was, as previously acknowledged in Don’s emails, taken to get compromising information on Hillary Clinton. The denial was that he didn’t know anything about it in advance.

Trump has little regard for the truth, unless it’s how well the economy is doing, and it’s true that it’s on a tear. About Russia, however, he waffles all over the place, fibs, and was contradicted by Vladimir Putin, himself, who said he wanted Trump elected and told Russian agents to make it happen. Given all the evidence of Russian meddling in 2016, it seems incredulous that Trump was unaware of the controversial meeting taken by his son, Jr., son-in-law, Jared, and campaign manager Paul Manafort.

So, did Trump lie in his Sunday tweet? That’ll be a preoccupation of TV pundits until Donald starts another news conflagration, but the question is important for the president’s future since Robert Mueller is examining Trump’s tweets for state of mind evidence. No matter how much the president’s lawyers try to spin what he says, the law is clear that words should be construed in their ordinary sense, as in “would” means “would,” and “wouldn’t” means “wouldn’t.” Here, Trump just locked in a “didn’t.”
Maybe, the president is telling the truth, this time, that he didn’t know about the espionage driven meeting before the fact. Though that probability is remote, there still isn’t proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Trump lied to cover his tracks, except for the potential testimony claiming otherwise that was teased by Michael Cohen, a man who has his own credibility issues.
A possible exculpatory defense might be that Trump suffers from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and can therefore, be unaware of what’s happening around him at all times. The president admits that he thrives on chaos around him, likes discordant opinions, and is known, frequently, to act on the advice of the last person to talk to him. Trump is impulsive, distractible, easily frustrated, and irritable.
The people closest to the president know his tendencies, just as Huma Abedin knew Hillary Clinton was often confused when she woke up. Trump’s aides and family, therefore, might have tried to keep various types of information from him, especially if it didn’t pan out, as may’ve been the case at Don Jr.’s Bolshoi "meeting or unmeeting of the minds" ballet meeting at Trump Towers in 2015. What is true about THE TWEET, however, is that Trump tossed his Jr. under the tractor and that’s nowhere good to be.


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