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Trump, Kanye oval office reality TV show gets an Emmy for weird

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Prep the Emmy campaign now! There’s no way around it, Donald Trump gives good T.V., providing a clue as to his next paid gig when his freebie presidency schtick is over. Colbert is going to be in real trouble. Consider Thursday’s planned-spontaneous press conference with Kanye West in the Oval Office as the pilot. It was better than Boffo!

There’s a bevy of fun, entertaining, guests who can be on the new show. Mitch McConnell is gifted at stand-up. Book Paul Ryan for the puppet show. Even Susan Collins can do a “Dear Susan,” segment and answer questions from audience members suffering from nervous afflictions while Lindsey leads the band.


Give it up for Kanye’s agent who slated his D.C. appearance shortly after the crooner’s on-again-off-again Best Female Friend Forever, Taylor Swift, made her maiden voyage into politics by slamming a TN Republican candidate on her 121 million member Instagram feed. Swift’s wildly successful message that everyone should register to vote caused to crash. Kanye had no choice but to reply with a counter message praising Trump.  

Swift and West have feuded, periodically, since Kanye jumped on stage during her Sept. 13, 2009, acceptance speech at the  MTV video awards, following her Best Female Video win for “You Belong with Me.” West, miffed the award didn’t go to Beyoncé, instead of the 19 year-old Swift, ripped the mic from her hands and took over the stage for a rant. Kanye, later, made an apology, though without much sincerity since he quickly recanted it. West exacerbated the situation with a song that including the charming refrain: 

"I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that bitch famous.". 

In another endearing move, West made a video titled “Famous,” which centered on a life-scale sculpture he commissioned that featured himself; George W. Bush; Donald Trump; Anna Wintour; Rihanna; Chris Brown; Kim Kardashian West; Ray J. Amber Rose; Caitlyn Jenner; Bill Cosby; and Taylor, in a giant bed together. Swift, who was naked, lies to Kanye’s right, while his wife, Kim, gets the left-hand treatment. Rumors that the sculpture was being sold for $4 million, probably planted by West’s clever praisery, were unfounded and it remains in seclusion following a brief one-time show in L.A.

During his visit to Trump, Kanye, flanked by football great Jim Brown, pounded on the Resolute Desk as he asserted that his I.Q. was in the 98th percentile, except it wasn’t, he said, because it had dropped down to the 75th due to an inability to count backwards from eight to one, something he claimed to be working on. West, also, asserted his Bipolar diagnosis was caused by lack of sleep. Democrats, especially, should take note and turn in early, whenever possible, cuz mania is as mania does. 

There’s one thing that’s super-abundantly clear, and that’s the solid-gold proof that Trump and West are master showmen. They even pushed Justice Kavanaugh off the front pages. Trump better watch out, however, because Kanye has announced he’s running for president in 2020 with Taylor as his running mate. She’s neither confirmed, nor denied the pairing, but It’s a good idea because everyone’ll need a good laugh about then. Go TayKan!


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