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Saturday, 20 October 2018 14:34

Trump's week is bone-sawed with Putin, West wing spat, Stormy and the mob

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They’re b-a-c-k, the Russians that is, messing around with the midterms, practicing for the big show in 2020. Social media is the target, again, of course, and to prove it’s doing something meaningful Facebook has set aside a broom closet with fewer people than it takes to run a shift at Starbucks to catch the trolls. That’ll work, and if you can’t trust Facebook who can you trust? Turns out, shock of shocks, it’s Vladimir Putin.


Vlad just announced that the United States’ time as world’s top dog is over; that we’re on the backside of the curve; that for us Mercury is in retrograde. He should know, he helped draw the map in which our moral authority in the world shrank to the size of Liechtenstein.

 Latest example of Putin’s theory is the case of MBS, Mohammed bin Salman, crown prince of Saudi Arabia, aka “Bonesaw,” who is alleged to have orchestrated the killing and dismemberment of U.S. resident and Washington Post journalist, Jamal Khashoggi. The administration can’t bring itself to criticize MBS as he deserves, however, because he’s a good customer for our stuff. It only took two weeks for the Saudis to admit the portly journalist is dead, after hand-to-hand combat with fifteen guys, though no reason was given for chopping him up.  

Screaming, profane arguments between the national security advisor and the chief of staff are breaking out in the West Wing over whether migrants and asylum seekers are being treated badly enough at the southern border. Kid cages, apparently, haven’t done the trick and worse measures are in order. To deter the next migrant caravan, already on the way, the army may come. Try land mines.

Then, there’s “Horse Face,” the down-and-dirty X-rated porn star, Stephanie A. Gregory Clifford, professionally, Stormy Daniels, Stormy Waters, or simply Stormy, quite a mouthful to say fast three times. Stormy’s filmography includes: “Not a Romance;” “Nymphos;” “The Bait;” “Off Limits;” “Screw You;” “Unfaithful;” “Sex Lies and Spies;” “The Price of Lust;” Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre;” “I Know What You Did Last Night,” “Band Camp,” “Photo Club,” and“Big Breasted Goddess of Las Vegas.” What possibly could go wrong dating an actress with these fine credits?

The administration has started calling Democrats an angry mob. It might look at some of the activities it condones, like body-slamming reporters. Then, overseas, there’s Duarte in the Philippines, a swell who sends vigilantes out to murder drug users at night, presumably, with due process. It saves prison space. Russia is more civilized. People it doesn’t like get poisoned, or simply vanish without a trace. No need to investigate, either, when you already know who did it.

Thank God for Robert Mueller. He makes liberals hopeful that something, anything, can be done about Trump’s runaway train. Good luck on that. The president could emerge from the investigation unscathed, and the glacial speed at which Mueller works virtually guarantees no conclusions will be reached until after Trump’s 2nd term ends. Credit Putin, he pulled it off.


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