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Bill Barr's memo, Trump's AG pick, raises conflict bar even more

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Last night, the controversy surrounding President Donald Trump, Robert Mueller and his pick for Attorney General got more confusing and more combative.

Here are the details:

Watch the video by clicking on the button below. Also, below, is the transcript:

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: Last night we discovered that Donald Trump's attorney general picked Bill Barr sent an unsolicited 20 page memo to the Department of Justice earlier this year and he blasted Bob Mueller efforts to determine obstruction of justice of Donald Trump. Barr told Trump about the memo and said that it could come up during the confirmation. According to Latasha Bertrand, a staff writer for The Atlantic.

: Here's a copy of it. It it Barr is saying "I'm writing as a former official deeply concerned with the institutions of the presidency and the Department of Justice. I realize that I am in the dark about many facts but I hope my views may be useful".

: He said that to Rod Rosenstein and also to Donald Trumps top lawyer. Here's a comment from Matthew Miller-- said that "Barr's view on the executive power have long been at the extreme end of the spectrum. But for him to have argued the merits of this specific case on Trump's behalf to Rosenstein with Trump's counsel and presumably Trump knowing he did it, means he needs to pledge to recuse himself. And this from CNN Mark Warner the top Democrat on the Senate Intel is telling CNN that Trump should withdraw the nomination of Barr, after the memo disclosed.


Of course, there are other opinions:


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