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Mad Dog vs. Madman: Mattis takes stab at Trump-Russia alliance

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Isn’t it interesting?

Some of the same people who excoriated President Barack Obama for pulling the troops out of Iraq are now either silent or are applauding President Trump’s yanking our military out of Syria, immediately. Oh, and soon, out of Afghanistan.

Back then, Trump led the charge. Every opportunity, he blamed Obama for taking steps that were feckless and weak


You probably remember, Trump declared that Obama founded ISIS.

While many experts believe Trump’s action will only give ISIS, Hezbollah and the Taliban more incentive to stretch their legs in the suddenly developed vacuum, we have already seen a major casualty resulting from Trump’s decision.    

Secretary of Defense James Mattis decided he could not stomach any more destruction to decades of foreign policy.  He made sure in his letter of resignation that the world must know the president is unstable, at least in the world of alliances.  

The Mad Dog Mattis take on the Madman Trump. It’s live, for the world to see.

The never-blame Trump supporters have defended the president on many fronts. I am sure you’ve heard them by now: “America must take care of its own; Those in the region need to be responsible;  the Russians hate our pulling out of Syria and Afghanistan.”


Yep. According to Donald Trump, Putin hates his decision.

As one would expect, the Secretary of propaganda, Mrs. Sarah Huckabee Sanders agrees. Sanders said today,

"The idea that Putin is happy about this is ridiculous," Sanders said when asked about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s reaction to the news that the U.S. will no longer have a presence in the war-torn country. "It puts them at a greater risk," she added, "so I think that's just silly."

Not everybody agrees.  Perhaps one of the most shocking of those not defending Trump is Brian  Kilmeade of Fox and Friends who said that Trump was doing the same thing Obama did.

Trump has fought back on twitter, stating:

So with the Mad Dog decorated and esteemed military man now in the barn, with real estate salesman who knows more than the generals manning the throttle, Trump is telling the world that ISIS and Russia never had it so bad as they have with him.

Putin and his folks back home in Moscow surely must be shaking out of fear.

Although, didn’t I read that Putin was pleased with Trump’s decision?

For confirmation purposes, this was reported today on the Daily Beast:

” To the contrary, the idea of an American withdrawal from Syria is being widely perceived in Russia as “a total dream come true” if it truly takes place.

State TV host Olga Skabeeva surmised that Americans are “losers, since Putin has defeated them in every way.” With a theatrical sigh, her co-host, Evgeny Popov, added: “Trump is ours again—what are you going to do?” Every member of the sizeable audience enthusiastically clapped. While these statements are decidedly sarcastic, Russian opinion makers recount the Kremlin’s victories with unmistakable glee. Popov smirked: “It seems to Americans that we won on every front: the U.S. Secretary of Defense has been removed, we unquestionably secured a complete, unconditional victory in Syria.” Skabeeva chimed in: “They’re also planning to leave Afghanistan.”

Popov pointed out: “On top of that, Rusal sanctions have been lifted with Trump’s hands.” Panelists of the show, including Russian lawmakers, couldn’t hide their satisfied grins. The reference was to the announcement that Trump’s Treasury Department intends to lift sanctions against the business empire of Oleg V. Deripaska, one of Russia’s most influential oligarchs, sanctioned for Russian interference in the U.S. elections.

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