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Trump golfs while the US facing a real emergency

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By the way, did you know that the United States has been suffering from conditions so horrific, so frightening, so urgent, that the President of the United States has saved the day by calling a national emergency. All this, so he could get his funds to build his border edifice.

After making that declaration, he went to play golf for the weekend at Mar Lago in Florida.


Think about it.

During the controversy surrounding the government shutdown, he and his GOP party and his other defenders foamed over the fact that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had vacationed in Hawaii. You probably recall. Radio talk show hosts blasted Pelosi for not staying in DC to accompany Trump, who played the role of sacrificial lamb while Pelosi ate Laulau. Yet, at the time, very few on Fox News and state media blasted Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell for shutting down the Senate. I wonder why?

But, hey, that’s politics.

As would be expected, Louisiana’s own Congressman Steve Scalise and many other GOP Congress are ok with this emergency action.

As has been widely reported, the Pandora box has been opened and hypocrisy fills the air. The Democrats who were ok with Obama’s own executive order, circumventing Congress are outraged that Trump has followed suit. The Republicans who called Obama a criminal for his Dreamer decision are now fine with what Trump is doing. They want their own strong man.

The key issues are two-fold: Are we really smack gob in the center of an emergency? What will now happen when the next Democrat owns the key to the White House?

Meantime, forgive me, but when I think of emergencies, I think of ambulances, hurricanes, skyscrapers falling to the ground after attack. I think of Pearl Harbor. 

I don’t think of a president after losing BIGLY in negotiations with Congress over funding a wall he promised Mexico would build, as being an emergency. It might be urgent that he save his face because Ann Coulter is on attack. It might be frightening to him that he has just picked up his first Republican opponent in former Governor William Weld. But, sorry, Trump is no John Fitzgerald Kennedy and this is no emergency.

Don’t get me wrong. We do have a problem at the border. Really bad killer drugs are getting in and we have a crises inflicting middle class families. not necessarily those who got hooked on smack and crack when no emergency was ever called, even when we named it the War on Drugs

But, not once have I heard or seen Trump or Scalise or any of the other loyalists tell us the true story. That is, 85 to 90 percent of the drugs are coming in from the ports of entry. The total number of illegal immigrants is down by at least 500 percent compared to the early years of this century.

Worse, by Trump taking money that was allocated by Congress to build a wall or gate or whatever he wants to call it, he is diverting precious dollars from the locations that need the money, the ports of entry. True, they are going to be better funded due to the recent agreement, but you put money where the problem is, not where you want it to be. More money means more sniffing dogs, vehicle checkers and other technologies to protect us from the real harm.

And who knows what danger lurks by robbing military contracts and ignoring other needs. We shall see.

And yes, walls and fences and gates just might be needed in certain places along the border outside the port of entry.  This is why I personally have urged that the administration and Congress engage in public hearings so we can see and hear the experts tell us what truly is needed and where.

But no.  Trump cannot take a loss on the most important yet false campaign promise any president has ever made in modern history. After all, what would the Putin’s think.

So, Trump has made it known that “an emergency we got” although he said today he did not have to call an emergency. Huh? Then why do it? Some emergency!!

And now we have an administration that has set the government into motion to approve fascist-type actions instead of governing like a democracy. And now we have the opportunities for the Democrats to call their own national emergencies over mass shooters killing helpless kids, or over shutting down polluters in the name of global warming.

I know. The Trump folks will say, we’ll those aren’t emergencies. Which is exactly what the majority of Americans are saying now. Yet, Trump is proving that if a President wants an emergency, an emergency he will get.

Indeed, it is good to know that President Trump can compartmentalize golf-playing smack in the middle exigencies that destroy the governmental balance of power, forever.  But, it is reassuring that our golfer- in-chief can hit the balls as our nation becomes more like 1933 Germany, Kim’s North Korea, Stalin’s Russia. You know. Those places where might makes right and where the guy at the top calls all the shots.  

Ironically, we truly just might have an emergency –one created by this very President.

In reality, our democracy is on fire like never before.

Which makes me wonder. Will President Trump take a water hose with him as he drives down the fairways?

I hope so.


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