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Survey: President Trump enjoys strong net approval gain in Louisiana

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President Donald Trump is enjoying a strong upswing over the past two months in the red-rock state of Louisiana.

In the recent Morning Consult poll released on Monday, Donald Trump now has an 18% net approval. In January, his net approval had dropped to 13% from his inauguration high of 31%. The uptick reflects a 5% increase from two months ago.

When Trump first took office, his net approval rating in Louisiana was 59 to 28 percent approval. In January 2019, the positive differential dropped to 54% to 41% or 13 net approval. Today, the Morning Consult claims he now has a 57% to 39% net plus. In short, since taking office in January 2017, President Trump’s positive has gone down two percent and his negative has gone up 11 percent, making up the 13% difference.

Nationally, his re-election is favored by older rural votes.

Morning Consult claims that Trump is most Popular in Alabama, Least Popular in Vermont.

Here are the states President Trump is the most and least popular in terms of net approval.

Most popular
• Alabama (+26)
• Wyoming (+26)
• West Virginia (+22)

Least popular
• Vermont (-33)
• California (-30)
• Massachusetts (-30)

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