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Louisiana's Rep. Scalise, Sen. Kennedy slam House Democrats on Trump probe

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The two highest-profile members of the Louisiana congressional delegation have plenty to say lately regarding the Democrats investigating President Donald Trump. Both Congressman Steve Scalise and US Senator John Kennedy are fierce advocates for the president and because of their respective positions or the ability to turn a phrase, have received plenty of airtime to vouch for their party leader and to slam the Democrats.  Scalise usually appears on Fox News, Scalise or “Any News”. 


Today, it is no different.

In a speech in the House captured by CSPAN, Scalise said, “Democrats wasted 2 years on witch hunts trying to find nonexistent collusion, and now they're trying to impeach @realDonaldTrump. Instead of wasting everyone's time on conspiracy theories, they should investigate how Obama allowed Russia to threaten our elections under his watch!” see tweet

And Kennedy?

On Fox News this morning, the Louisiana Senator said:
“Congress has an appropriate oversight role, but you have to have a legitimate legislative purpose. I think it’s clear that some of my friends in the House leadership have decided just to be abusive. They’re asking the Administration for everything but the kitchen sink.” See tweet

Not everybody agrees with either Louisiana politician.

Taking on Scalise, actress and Liberal activist Patricia Arquette responded in a tweet:  “McConnell blocked telling congress in non partisan way with Obama that Russia was attacking America. Then McConnel lifts sanctions on Russian Oligarch and look now he’s getting a Russian factory paid for bbt same Russian Oligarch Deripraska in his state.”

Responding to Kennedy, Kemp Honeycutt tweeted

"Legislative purpose" is a term recently made up. Find it in the Constitution or relevant court decisions. You can't. Not there. Anywhere. Congress has oversight. Period.

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