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Trump's "Squad" words show we're frightening CAPABLE

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I hear you.

My friends, i understand your concerns. I don't agree with the "squad" or the politics of the four Congresswomen making all of the ruckus. I absolutely  don't like some of their comments. I believe Congresswoman Omar has said some really outrageous things and has made some comments that can easily be interpreted as anti-Semitic. I am also thankful to President Trump for pointing out their political positions that hurt Israel and defending Jewish people, which I am one. 

For those reasons including my fear of socialism, I feel very uncomfortable about their actions. There are very good reasons to oppose the four of them.   If any of us oppose the women for whatever reason, then let us state those reasons based upon real facts, not based upon emotions or what we want to believe.  And, as much as we disagree with them and are concerned about their vision for this country, by all means, let us be circumspect. Let us not engage in the some of the type of behaviors and thought-speech we are seeing from Trump and some of his hard-core  loyal “ardents”.

Those acts and statement anger me. They scare me. 

He claims that these women hate America. He says they don't love America. He goes further.  He is making racially-insensitive phrases that anybody living in America over the past half-century should know are over the line. Way over.  Those words are embedded in the psyche of each person who has been a minority, or who is one,

Unfortunately, it is not just President Trump who are so engaging.  It was his audience at his rally. It is many of my friends on social media.  They insist that these women and those like them hate America. They are adamant that the squad and others who disagree with the President don't love America, And they outright state that because of this hate, or lack of love of our country, they should leave and go back wherre they came from.  

The latter part of the recent Trump trope is dripping with bigotry whether it is intended or not.   Trump set the nation on fire emotionally when he made those claims last week and then allowed his crowd to chant in affirmation. One would think he would quit. But, no. Yesterday, he went further, harsher, more scary than ever. He tweeted that the squad is "NOT CAPABLE" of loving America.

Instead of calming the nation after this racially-charged explosion, Trump ratcheted up the anger.  He threw a Molotov cocktail of frustration, mixed with hate, into the nation’s conversation. In doing so, he just might have inserted that missing piece of the jig-saw puzzle at the center of the fire and hate we are spewing at one another every time Trump so engages.

He said they were not “capable” of loving America. Let that sink in and simmer. Are they not capable of loving this country because they disagree with his policies?  If so, then, isn’t he now  distorting the very concept of patriotism he claims he and his supporters maintain? Are we now saying that this nation which was founded by patriots of protest cannot not be  a patriot unless they  agree with one’s policies? I

Is the squad not capable because they have said things that he does not like? If so, what did they say that  absolutely proves their lack of love for America, but much worse, their incapability to love this country?

What is Trump actually saying? Are they not capable of loving the United States because they are foreigners?  If so,  they aren't. Only one was and ishe s now a legal American citizen. Is it because their ancestors recently came here from another country? The same would be said about Melania and  about the Vietnamese, the Asian Americans who are enriching this country. What exactly makes the squad of a quality that it is impossible for them to  love America?  To me, the only possible answer must be--yes, that they ascend from Africa or Muslim countries, the same countries Trump called s-holes and the same countries he has tried to block people of a certain religion.

Even if somehow I am not correct in my assessment,.  I believe we have a serious problem.  Based upon his statements,  we don't have a president who can fairly represent all of the people?  We can't be a beacon of light and hope throughout the world that in America, your dreams can be realized because of what you do, not because who you are?

Now, more than ever before, I absolutely question his state of mind. I am not sure if he is competent, completely balanced or sufficiently intelligent to be the President.  I know, these are serious concerns and charges.  But, when he attacks certain people of color,  often by their abilities, not just their words—he tells us they are not smart enough, or pretty enough or they lack something they cannot change.  As a result, the rest of this nation engages in a vocal and angry debate as to the actual meaning of his words? His actions and utterances have become  predictable and so has our response.  As a result,  we are forever destroying our relations with our friends, our families over the endless debate about the very intent of his words that involve race, ethnicity, nationality and yes, sometimes religion?  There is a reason for his statements that shake up our soul binding us as a single people. There is a reason for this division.  I do wonder. Is he mentally competent that he impulsively responds in a way that causes instant emotional chaos? Or, does he not cognitively understand that his words have meanings and will logically be interpreted by certain people, regardless of his intentions?

Or, perhaps worse. Could he know exactly what he is saying?  Is this the code of which Michael Cohen and others speak? Does Trump use certain words deliberately so that his followers will interpret them to mean what he wants them to mean and those who opposes those words will react and call him and his protectors-- racists--which simply continues the vicious cycle that weaves tighter with each event?

If this explains his actions and his words, my only conclusion, unfortunately, and frightening is this-- he is intentionally trying to divide this country and this world on lines of race, religion and ethnicity, not just to fulfill his political goals but to ensure his own re-election?  

Look at where Trump is taking us. For whatever reason, whether incompetency, insanity, unintelligence or deliberately, once he makes certain statements and says certain words,  his opponents get angrier and more confirmed in their beliefs that he is causing division based upon hate.  His advocates then deny and basically say, he’s not. They claim, he didn't use the N-word, therefore he can’t be a racist. Or, they show us pictures of him with black celebrities as proof that his words are not motivated by hate due to race or ethnicity.

Which takes us to yesterday.  On Sunday,  he tweeted the most daring and I believe, the most telling of all tweets on this issue.  He said the four women are not "capable" of loving America. Not capable? Did they drink some bad Un-American concoction that now controls their minds which literally prevents them from loving this country?   How are they not capable?

This tweet is more than beyond provocative. Incapable means they don’t have a choice. They are unable. It is impossible. They are irredeemable.   The only thought that comes to my mind after I read that tweet is that he is saying, therefore believing, these women are condemned by birth.  

As a result of this tweet, we are no longer just claiming these women who originate from the Middle East or Africa “hate America or they “ don't love America”. Now, we  are now elevating this discussion into the real terrain of the David Dukes, the land of the neo-Nazis. Now, we are claiming there is something intrinsically wrong with them, genetically.

When I read that tweet, what crossed my mind, and yes, I will say it, Nazi Germany.  It was Hitler, it was his ardents and loyalists and then it was the German folk,  like you and like me, who said that Jews are not capable of being good Germans-- because they have Jewish blood.   Hitler and the Nazis would not accept their legacies as good, productive Germans. No. He would not allow them to pledge allegiance to him and to the Third Reich. No. his words became policies which then became edicts. They simply were not capable of loving Germany. They were not capable of being a German. Why? They were of the Jewish race of Jewish blood. It wasn't just the Jewish religion at issue, because one can change religion. No.  Those who should leave Germany were members of the Jewish race.

My friends, we are now stepping into the deep danger-fields of hate. Our president, with a very long history of racially-insensitive words has now etched in our national psyche that certain people are not capable of loving America, therefore, they hate America.  Therefore, they should leave.

I personally want no part of this anger, this hate, this demonic cancer capable of eating into our noble American identity. I absolutely join you in denouncing the policies or the statements made by people with whom we politically disagree. In doing so, let us be vocal as to what we specifically oppose and find ways to find solutions. But, let us not be so egocentric to claim that only our vision is the American vision or that only we love America because we embrace certain policies or support certain presidential administrations. 

Above all else, let us never ever say or even suggest that a citizen of this nation has an immutable quality that prevents them from being or believing in what you or what I might believe. 

Should we cross this dangerous threshold, we would be accepting the very dangerous beliefs that our parents and grandparents fought against when they sacrificed  to ensure world liberty, and universal morality. 

By believing and saying that others are not capable of loving makes us capable of being capable of hating.  We become the very people we so disdain. 

Ironically, that would be the very worse American choice, of all.

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