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GOP, La. Congress stand up for Kurds as Trump stands down Turkey assault? Featured

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The groundswell of Republican support for President Donald Trump is simply amazing. It seems to me that not only would Trump survive culpability if he shot someone on Fifth Avenue, but his loyalists “see-no-evil-anywhere” would insulate him even if he downed someone on Broadway, too.

Some call the passion and never-dying support for Trump by his ardents as a cult. Others simply point to his ability to feed the red meat needed to satisfy the angry right wing who has roamed the political wilderness, seemingly forever, without a leader. But, he’s now here and Trump is to be protected at all costs.  In fact, religious activist Ralph Reed claims that evangelicals have a moral duty to support Donald Trump.  Yep. A Moral duty.


Perhaps, just maybe that winning streak of invincibility could be on somewhat of a descent. This weekend, Trump announced pulling out of Syria, leaving the Kurds at the mercy of the Turks on one side and the Syrians on the other. The Kurds have been our loyal allies during the battle to take on ISIS, have suffered deaths and serious injuries in the tens of thousands, while United States death toll reportedly amounts to less than a dozen. 

A few Republican lawmakers have expressed anger. Lindsey Graham, who has been Trump’s numero uno cheerleader and lapdog has complained, citing the maneuver could be disastrous. Mitch McConnell and a few powerful GOP leaders have pitched in their disappointment and concern.  Of course, the  real target of their outrage has been against the Democrats. I mean, can you believe those dems? They want to impeach the president who has done nothing wrong. Nothing. After all, who cares if he openly called for China to interfere in our elections? So what if Trump appears to have extorted Ukraine to do the same for his own political selfish benefit? And, so what if the president told the Russians that he was not worried about them interfering in our elections.  Who cares? he won, after all. Who knows? They did such a good job, just wait to see what they in mind for 2020. 

Impeachment, Imsmeahment!! What a waste of time.

Meanwhile, today, sadly, the Turks launched an attack on a loyal vulnerable American ally. Yet, so far, Trump’s focus has been saving his butt from those angry “traitors” at the impeachment door. 

Which all makes me wonder--just what are key Republicans saying right now about this demonic power-grab by Turkey which is amounting to the slaughtering of those very folks who have taken the fight for us and for others, against ISIS?  Are any of them the least bit concerned? Are they bothered about the prospects of thousands of ISIS fighters escaping from Kurd-contained prisons if the jailors run for the hills, escaping Turkish advances? Can they pull themselves away from damning “nervous Nancy” and “Schifty Schiff”? Does it matter that all of this took place after another phone call with a world leader, giving permission to change the face of the Middle East?

Since I had a few moments today, I took a quick tour down Twitter lane to see if anybody has spoken up, or out. My trip revealed the following:

The Republican Party:

Not a single tweet about this issue but for them, the big news is the Democrats abusing the impeachment process.  Check it out. Non-stop twitter action, slamming, damning the dems for impeachment abuse of power.

Now, here’s a local look at our Congressional delegation:

Republican Louisiana Senator John Kennedy: 

“The Middle East is a hot mess. But one thing I do know is we cannot let Turkey massacre our allies, the Kurds.”

Then, Kennedy always has something to say, right?

Republican Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy:


Republican Congressman Steve Scalise:

Nope. Nada. But don't blame him. Maybe he hasn't gotten his marching orders yet. He’s too busy actively posting about Democrats and impeachment.  

Republican Congressman and Gubernatorial candidate, Ralph Abraham:

Not a word, but, he has been quite busy launching the impeachment resolution of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.

Republican Congressman Garret Graves:

Not yet. But, not a single tweet about Trump, Pelosi or impeachment, either.  

Republican Congressman Clay Higgins:

This soft-spoken quiet man is silent on twitter too. He has posted a few items over the past ten days or so about Dems wasting time with impeachment, but you'll get no twitter storm from him.

Republican Congressman Mike Johnson:

No discussion. Only one relatively recent tweet about the impeachment unfairness.  Religious freedom is his hot button issue.

Democrat Cedric Richmond and co-chair of the Biden presidential campaign:

Busy man. Very few tweets altogether on his page, but so far, nothing about Turkey, Syria or the Kurds.  

As of now, different news outlets have reported that President Trump has ordered the military to stand down, thus, help is not likely on the way, or so it seems. His theat that he would annihilate Turkey's economy has not quite begun either.  Don't expect too much. He's got a big tower and presence in that parts of the world. 

It will be interesting to see if any of the Congressmen and Senator Cassidy decide to stand up for our allies being massacred.   Of all of the Congressmen who has been quite twitter vocal, omnipresent and beholden to President Trump, it's none other than Scalise.  We’ll see if he manages to say a few words about Trump-the Kurds and Turkey between his frequent anti-impeachment ramblings. 

Will Turkey be the tide-turner?  If "grab them by the", Trump Moscow, Trump NY Tower meeting, payoffs to porn stars or any of the dozens and dozens of shockers haven't made a dent, don't expect this one to rise much of an eyebrow.

Then who knows. Have you been feading Drudge lately?

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