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History-deficient Trump teaches us "All Roads lead to DISASTER"

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“Mr. President, with you all roads lead to Fordham.”  Before Donald Trump got his academic bona fides at Penn, with its acclaimed Wharton school, he spent two years at Fordham University in the Bronx. Close to his home, and run by the Jesuits, it is a fine school, by all reasonable standards, even if it isn’t Ivy League. In fact, the only reason it deserves mention, since the University keeps its Trump affiliation mostly to itself, is a partial responsibility for gaps in the president’s knowledge of history,


Most college students of the era in which Trump matriculated; he was in Penn’s class of 1968, took history in their Freshman or Sophomore year since it was a general education requirement that, theoretically, is a stepping stone to more advanced studies in the field of specialization a student had chosen as a major, in Trump’s case economics.

The president hasn’t released any transcripts of his college years, and little is publicly known about his academic history. It’s well known, however, that he was a standout college athlete who played baseball well enough that he might’ve made it to the major leagues had he been selected to play for a farm team, which was a definite possibility.

The part Fordham played in creating a now glaring deficit in Trump’s case was a curricular oddity peculiar to most Jesuit schools of that era, that is the dual requirements for courses in philosophy and theology during a student’s first two years. History didn’t raise its head at Fordham before the junior year. By then.Trump was at Penn and immersed in his chosen major. It’s likely the president took history there, but it would’ve taken a back seat to his chosen field of con. 

In recent hours, Trump told Nancy Pelosi, in a now infamous meeting at the White House, essentially, that she had an affinity for Communism. Lindsay Graham made a similar accusation, recently with regard to the views of AOC and her three closest allies in congress.There isn’t any explanation for his gaffe, unless it was a mere play to the peanut gallery. Graham isn’t president, however, so it’s less important what he knows, or doesn’t..

Had the president taken history, or read any books covering the topic in the modern era, he might’ve known that some of his best friends are communists. Vladimir Putin heads a former communist country. He has a “love affair” of sorts with the always smiling Kim Jong Un, who presides over one. Both men have been accused of cruelty and dictatorial practices, something Trump overlooks in his rush to embrace these, and other totalitarian leaders.

Russia is not America’s friend. It was threatening enough during the 1960’s John F. Kennedy presidency that nuclear war over Soviet missiles in Cuba appeared imminent. Anyone alive at the time thrilled to JFK’s defiance of Russian America hostile designs, via missile placements in Cuba, a mere 90 miles from our shores. 

Kennedy, further, stood up Russia, and its citizen unfriendly dominance of Eastern Europe and those parts of the West, including one-half of Berlin, awarded it after the Allies won WWII. In a loud and clear voice, when he stood at the Berlin Wall and proclaimed solidarity with those cut off from Western Europe by the concrete monstrosity  of a barrier built by Soviet troops. He did so in four words that resounded throughout the world when he proclaimed, “Ich bin ein Berliner;” in English, “I am a Berliner.”

Ronald Reagan, to this day a hero to most American of both parties, echoed Kennedy when he stood nearby where Kennedy defied communist Russia and challenged the Soviet leader of the time with the words, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall! It did fall  thanks to Reagan, with the support of two powerful allies British PM Margret Thatcher, and Pope John Paul II, now a saint in no small part because of his role in diminishing, but not eradicating, communism.

About Trump’s friendship of Kim, let it suffice to say that North Korea is, technically, still at war with the United States, no peace treaty ever having been signed between his nation and ours To a greater extent even than Russia, the reports of North Korean repression, and cruelty towards its citizens are cringe worthy, yet these are Trump’s favorites for whom he would destroy strategic alliance forged to protect the world from their designs for territorial expansion and expansion of a military capacity that threatens the world order as we know it. America tried to exile it from Southeast Asia, but managed only a draw in Vietnam, at great cost.

Had president Trump taken, or studied, world history, at the very same time it was being made, he might have a different view of the Russian state he seems determined to help at the expense of America’s security and global leadership. He might pause before embracing another historic enemy, North Korea, that despite assurance to the contrary, continues a determined and inexorable march to possession of nuclear weapons capable of wreaking death and destruction on  the West. He might even think about the historic significance of the wall he’s hell-bent on building along the Southern border which was first settled by Spanish forces with the assistance of Mexico.

Blame Fordham, intellectual ignorance, or studious indifference, but Trump’s lack of knowledge can be frightfully dangerous. Pelosi was right when she told Trump that, ”With him all roads lead to Putin.”  They lead, furthermore, to a global decline of American and global security. Put into the vernacular by 2020 presidential candidate Kamala Harris, “The dude has got to go.” 

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