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The Party of Trump has lost its memory, no longer promotes law and order Featured

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BEFORE we get to the business at hand, we want to hear from the Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, as to which Democratic Senator gets to rise for the point of order that the Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, must recuse himself from acting as a juror in the matter of The Impeachment of Donald J. Trump for High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

McConnell is married to Elaine Chao, Trump’s Secretary of Transportation and, by reason of the pecuniary aspects of that relationship, must recuse himself from any participation in Trump’s trial as a matter of both common and statutory law. There is no doubt that a loss of employment for Chao would hurt Mitch in the pocket, sufficient reason for even greater men than he to vote the sawbuck ticket when it comes to their own fanny packs.


It’s not a particularly good time for the Party of Lincoln. It had to drop the word “Honest” in front of its founder’s first name because some Republicans, eager to curry favor with the president took offense at the word lest he feel threatened in a vampire and cross kind of way.

Sad to report this next bit, but the elephant, also, had to go. Elephant memories are crafted in the forever so it was hardly a proper symbol for a party that has forgotten all the principles it once stood for. That word hasn’t been deleted, however, just been changed to “principal” so as to avoid confusion between the party’s current belief in situational ethics in lieu of the nobility ideas that inspired the founding of this country.

The Impeachment Inquiry in the House, meanwhile, has inspired a cast of scorned Republicans whose lamentations exceed those of Job, or at least the comic character Sad Sack. “It’s all so unfair” they chanted when they marched on an early meeting of the Intelligence Committee considering impeachment, doubtlessly disturbing the bevy of Republicans inside, as well as Democrats.  

Among their more ridiculous statements is the one alleging that Democrats plotted to remove Trump from the oval office the moment he raised his hand, fibbed, and became the most powerful man in the world, only to squander our global. To this allegation, all anyone can say is: “No duh”!

Trump stole the 2016 election because his long ago outed patrons, the Russians, wanted a stooge at the apex of our government, one who would make a shamble of our democracy, destroy our alliances, demean the West, cheapen public discourse, give free rein to our worst instinct, and make a mockery of the values by which we long have lived.

It is the utmost irony, though, that members of the Republican Party, once stalwarts of the establishment and law and order, should turn out to be anarchists intent on destroying American values, prestige, and decency.

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