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While Trump, GOP withhold facts, public support for removal skyrockets

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It’s time to care.

In fact, it’s time to care  about facts.

Ever since the House of Representatives impeached Donald Trump, significant information has emerged that, if accurate, blows a major hole in the Republican defense of Trump.


We now know that Trump absolutely appears to have orchestrated the entire withholding of support for Ukraine.  The latest “bomb-shell” dropped yesterday which indicates that Attorney General Barr’s office intentionally redacted critical information that sheds significant light upon how and why the Ukraine support was withheld.

I invite you to read the recent article from one of the sources which was responsible for the initial revelation of information, the Center for Public Integrity, who obtained some of the information relevant to this case, via FOIA request and the courts.  The Trump administration and the DOJ had previously denied Congressional access to this information.  

Hypocritically, Trump and his Republican cohorts screamed that everything was hearsay and second hand but they have had their hands holding tight on any public disclosure of evidence that would help the public to understand the facts.

Today, in response, Trump tweeted the following:

Christopher Bedford, The Federalist Senior Editor. “There is NOTHING NEW in these Emails at all that’s been discovered. It’s exactly what we knew before, which is that the White House & political figures wanted to cut off aid, Trump wanted to question aid to a number of....

...different places that he thought were wasteful, and the career staff, as they always do, pushed back, and made a million excuses as to why they could not possibly stop spending U.S. taxpayer money. There was a back & forth over the legal arguments, & the W.H. decision was....

....followed, and then it was withdrawn. The Democrats argument for impeachment has not gotten stronger over the last few weeks. As Senator Josh Hawley just said, he’s going to enter a Motion to Dismiss the Impeachment Trial because it’s never actually been brought to trial.”

What Trump failed to mention in his tweets are real facts. His republican handlers have been claiming that Trump had little knowledge or involvement. Now, it appears now that these documents have been revealed that not only did he know but certain members of his cabinet argued on behalf of releasing the money.

Ironically, only moments ago, the Center for Public Integrity released the following, which we received via email:

Dear Watchdog Readers,

Today, the Center for Public Integrity sent an open letter to the Dept of Justice requesting the release of the full, unredacted contents of emails between their department, and the Office of Management and Budget regarding the holdup of military aid to Ukraine. (As you recall, the documents we first obtained through court order were heavily redacted, still, what we gleaned set in motion a multitude of measures including calls from leading politicians for those emails & much media coverage.)
support, we're fighting to make sure this
Director of Strategy

So, what are the facts?

The House of Representatives fulfilled its constitutional duties and presented its indictment without any help from the White House. More information, as mentioned above, has flowed into the public debate. The Republican Senate continues to stonewall, after taking orders from the president.

The American public appear to have had enough.

Now, over 55 percent want Trump not only impeached by removed from office. According to the same poll,  forty percent of those polled do not want him removed.  Since impeachment, the percentage of Americans wanting him removed has skyrocketed by 14%. On December 17, the same poll found 48% wanted Trump impeached and removed whereas 47, did not.  While these numbers could flip flop at any time, it is getting very obvious for now—Americans do not trust Trump and do not trust the games the Republican Senators are playing.

They want the facts that only the witnesses and documents being withheld by Trump and Republicans.

They want the facts.


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