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President Trump bucks all Coronavirus blame, points elsewhere, always Featured

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Just in case you are in doubt, Donald Trump did not create the covid-19. He did not ask it to visit the United States. He has not personally fired over sixteen million people over the past three weeks. Regardless, it is time for him to take responsibility.

I know, many of you are going to cry out and say this is a “ hit piece”. You will defend the president, call all of those people who are critical of him and his coronavirus performance as not caring about America, casting blame rather than working together for the greater good.


But, the ugly truth must be told.  And, it needs to be spoken loudly by us all.

Weeks ago, Trump claimed that he was doing a great job because there were only a handful of people with the covid-19 virus and no deaths.  Since then, the proverbial dam has broken. Our hospitals are overrun. Our medical supplies are depleted. Our healthcare providers are operating on fumes. The entire country needs a ventilator as we are gasping for air with  grief and dismay.

Our economy, once the president’s trump card, is now a joker.  Unquestionably, this 16 million newly unemployed people have much more to blame than Trump for their current tragic circumstances. After all, unemployment, businesses losses and the virus have spread worldwide. No one person can be faulted. The new world order is disorder.  World cooperation and globalism is abandoned in place of  global  pandemic, every country for itself.

Yet, the president takes no fault at all. Not one  single grain. Not an iota. Nothing.

Which makes no sense, logically- speaking. If he wants American voters to give him credit for a great job when there was  only a few cases, how can he ignore fault when the country is now the world leader in claims and deaths? Does it make sense that a president or any leader can claim to be free from wrongdoing when there are no problems and totally blameless when the world has collapsed around him?


It is time for President Trump to be a man. I would not want a child to claim no fault about anything and everything. I surely don’t find it very presidential for the current White House occupant to point fingers all over at others and none at himself or his administration. .

There is plenty of blame to go around.  The mayors and governors have not been perfect. The media on both sides of the political divide has been biased. China has lied to us.  The list of mistakes can circle the globe many times over.

But in Trumpville, none exists.  Instead, he  blames Obama who has been out of office for three years. He blames governors for not being prepared. He blames hospitals for equipment disappearing.  He blames Democrats for following the constitution when they see blatant high crimes and misdemeanors.

The Trump blame game is endless. The buck stops everywhere else, but at his desk or at his feet.

When our ancestors came to these shores, they knew they had to should their respective worlds.  Today, the man steering this ship, hopefully to safe harbor  blames  the wind, the  sun,  the stars. He has abandoned ship.    

Switching metaphors, he wants a vaccine of total immunity for his bad decisions.

At times like these, that political self-preservation is a killer.

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