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The "Be Best" Trump tweets for today: False ads, Threaten protesters, Manipulated toddlers Featured

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President Donald Trump loves twitter. Every day he takes it upon himself, despite his so-very busy schedule to share his thoughts with America. An hour rarely goes by, now-a-days, without the President telling us what's on top of his mind.

While his wife Melania claims she wants everybody to “Be Best” online, her husband obviously views social media a teensy-weensy different.  Whether one loves his real-time thoughts (or not), there is plenty of “raw meat” within each of the 280-characters in his Tweetdom.

 Today, as he readies for his pro-Covid-19 pep rally,in Tulsa, the President again is on a twitter tear. So, in honor of the First Lady, I am sharing below some of the "Be Best" of Trump’s Tweets posted within the last 24-hours.  Also, included, for "free" are my comments. Enjoy.

Gee. All this time I thought The Donald was concerned about voter fraud.  That's what he's been telling us. But, the real reason for his concern shines through.  He doesn't want mail in voters because he might, well, lose.  Apparently, he’s cool having Russia and China come to his campaign aid, but exercising one’s democratic right under the US Constitution? Not so much.


Apparently the President is upset about a video ad, but he fails to identify which one of the online ads of which he refers. If the ad is false, fake or fraudulent, he has a right to express his upset.


Last night and today, he and his family tweeted this video above. He apparantly suggests that CNN perverts the truth and they would even distort a beautiful video and story-line.  The above video shows a white boy chasing a black one. Trump is suggesting that CNN would even twist the facts of an innocentt and charming video and cast it as a sign of racism.

What did the original video look like? How’s this—

The original showed a beautiful moment in America. A white and black toddler, embracing one another with one chasing the other. They are completely unaware of racial differences. His tweet however turns the video into a media-bashing, race-baiting promo. If you are seeking some irony, he blasted those above Democratic ads as being "false and fraudulent", remember? Well, apparantly Twitter was not amused with his own contribution. They posted a blue "Manipulated Video" warning smack dab on his tweet. Just saying!!


Stunning!! Trump is trailing big in every poll including Rasmussen. He made similar threats a couple of weeks ago. While his base loves his reaction, the rest of America, based upon the polls view them and him as a return to the segregation days off Bull Connor and the combative rhetoric of George Wallace. Some of our most-respected military leaders have discussed how the posts add nothing to the national conversation and only provokes. For the record, I totally disapprove of looting, violence and anarchy and have spoken out about this issue frequently and most recently. I believe that type of protesting hurts the cause rather than help. But, here, the President of the Unites States is threatening protesters (not just looters, anarchists, etc.), that if they exercise the constitutional rights to speak out, they will have a price to pay.

Good Grief!!

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