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Keystone to Trump's pandemic failure; He went AWOL Featured

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It's now official. Down is up, and day is night. And Donald Trump is the man who saved America from health and economic Armageddon.

That's the White House narrative. If you were to believe the quick-talking, take-no-prisoners Presidential Counselor, Kellyanne Conway, her boss is the best thing to happen to treat infections since penicillin.

On Wednesday, Conway told a gaggle of reporters that the governors opened up too quickly. Her finger-pointing and boss-protection is no surprise, especially now. After a long hiatus during which the White House put fixing the virus on cruise control, with poll numbers heading due south, the President decided to become relevant once again.

Thus, he is doing the White House Coronavirus daily briefings, albeit, without any scientists or medical experts present. For the Conway's of the world, his success is a foregone conclusion since everything he touches must be right.

So now, since boisterous campaign rallies are on sick leave, and since some states are complaining about an uptick in virus cases, he's back to his daily reality TV Coronavirus show. Why shouldn't he? As he said, the ratings are terrific.

As he faces the national audience, he knows his shtick: He really cares about America's health and has been on top of COVID 24/7 always, without ever leaving. He's hasn't taken his eye off that hairy little virus ball, defeating it has been "top of mind." Anything to the contrary merely is more fake news.

That narrative is repeated by his brilliant mouthpieces. Conway and Kayleigh McEnany, insist the administration is doing a phenomenal job. If there is a problem, they cite the "state authority handoff." That was the sudden White House maneuver in which the administration went from controlling everything to being responsible for nothing. Only hours before announcing the handoff, Trump announced he called all the shots. By handing off the authority to the states, they could own nothing.

The White House is even blaming the loyal headmasters of Florida, Georgia, Texas, Arizona, whose states are now on COVID-fire. Kellyanne suggested they simply blasted through the "phases" too fast.

Based on these administration pronouncements, I wonder if I got it all wrong. I thought it was Donald Trump who threatened to take action against the states if they didn't open up their economies. I thought it was Trump who announced his "back to business" recommendations, but then the next day act as if they did not exist. I thought it was Trump who tweeted "LIBERATE WISCONSIN" supporting the protesters who insisted the virus was overblown or a hoax. I thought it was the President who got into public knockdown twitter brawls with the various governors who wanted to go slow in fear that another flareup could cause irreparable damage to their economies.

I believed it was the President who ignored his own experts and held dangerous campaign rallies as protests and proof of their patriotism. I thought it was the President who insinuated that people wearing masks were simply trying to be "politically correct."

Lordy. How could I have gotten all this so wrong? The truth is, I didn't. The White House is rewriting history.

The Trump administration put Campaign 2020 first. As a direct result, Covid-19 has taken off like a SpaceX rocket.

Over the past few months, the President has coerced, threatened, cajoled, demanded that businesses open. Now, it's the classrooms. For weeks, his team and his media blasted the teachers, school boards, parents, mayors, and governors who put healthcare first.

Throughout this madness, we're victimized by the most significant fraud perpetrated upon the American people. The Trump administration blames the increases of tests for the recent national virus combustion. "Our administration is doing too good of a job," clearly implying that the swollen hospitals and increased deaths are only due to tests.

Yet, the other day, the President's fraud became obvious. He acknowledged that this thing is not just going to disappear. It's going to get worse before it gets better.

On Thursday, he said his administration's response to the pandemic is "working out". Really? Perhaps he should call around and see how fast the testing results are delivered to the COVID-concerned moms and dads. By the time many off those test results come back, the entire neighborhood might get infected. Unless Trump is consistent and shows wise leadership, we're heading into a health hell hole. COVID-19 will be bumping into the annual flu season, which will make it more difficult to find a hospital bed than a seat at the next inauguration. How's that for "working out"?

It's more apparent than ever. Trump might personally be free from the Coronavirus, but it is taking an enormous toll upon his administration and his presidential campaign.

During Thursday's reality health hour, it became evident that his bombastic threats of defunding schools who ignored his dictates were false. So was his Republican convention since did Jacksonville leaders were raining on his parade.

Conway's and McEnany's "alternative realities" are also hurting his administration and campaign. We're now talking about our own lives and death, our schools, jobs, and our economies. The public is not being fooled by the frauds. More Americans are beginning to see Trump Team words are not supported by the facts on the ground and in the community. More of us are getting wise to the hourly cascade of false information about a major national emergency, on steroids affecting us all.

Now he's talking about a "powerful" national policy. For weeks, he's left it up to the states who have cried for more federal help. Yet, in a campaign move to show he's the Law and Order President, his unwanted national policy has become so apparent. This time, he wants the federal intervention, although the locals are crying for him to say away. Federal involvement in saving tens of thousands of lives from a deadly health risk is too much of a gamble for this President. Unwanted federal troops allegedly to protect monuments and buildings, is not.

Through this chaos and meltdown, the deaths mount, now approaching 150,000. It's time, to tell the truth. Our "Wartime" President simply went AWOL. We're paying the severe consequences. Judging from the polls, the voters smell the truth and a scam, even if the White House won't admit it.

While other countries have beaten down the virus, this country is getting its butt whipped. The greatest nation in the world, with the most respected health institutions anywhere, has turned into the Land of the Keystone Cops of COVID.

And sadly, it's not funny; Not one single bit.

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